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Dear MIMsters: How Do I Convince Hubby Not To Give Up On Our Fertility Treatments Considering These?

Dear MIMsters: How Do I Convince Hubby Not To Give Up On Our Fertility Treatments Considering These?

How do I convince hubby not to give up on our fertility treatment considering these?

Hubby and I had our first Intrauterine insemination (IUI) on the first of October.

I believe the insemination was timely as our GYN followed up on us thoroughly. Hubby’s sperm count was great. I had 3 good and matured eggs due to the fertility drugs and injectibles I took in preparation. Just that these eggs were produced only from my right ovary. The GYN said our chances would have been higher if I produced eggs from both ovaries.

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We have been married for two years now and have been trying to conceive ever since. We’ve spent so much money on tests, scans, drugs, treatments until the doctor thought it best that we do this IUI.

3 months ago, hubby and I agreed that I stopped working for now, so as to have more time and keep my body free from stress. Before this IUI, hubby and I had a heart to heart talk, where he made me understand that this IUIĀ attempt has got to work because he is tired of spending money upon money trying to conceive.

He said he would like for us to move forward and face other projects in the family. He made it clear that he didn’t marry me for babies even though he loves to have them, but that he was no more ready to keep spending money on something God has given freely. As he spoke, I observed he was careful not to hurt my feelings, he wanted to be sure I understood him perfectly and saw reasons with him, and honestly I understood him.

He’s a good man and has been very supportive all through this journey. Even when we didn’t have all the cash for a particular treatment in a particular month, he encouraged me to hold on for him and assured me we would get done as soon as we raised the cash, and we did. He goes with me to the hospital for most of my treatments, tests and scans.

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I feel so blessed to have him because it amazes me that he could be this supportive, even when his own part of the tests revealed from day 1 that all is well with him. So I just knew that all I need is a miracle. God has got to let this IUI work for us. I knew IĀ had to pray more than ever. Thank God I don’t share my time with work, so I gave myself to prayers, fast, study of God’s word, confessions of my faith and seed sowing.

Fast forward to after our IUI, the first week was full of hopes. I swear I had all the early pregnancy symptoms. I cramped intensely, my nose was running uncontrollably, I gassed frequently, my boobs were full and achy, my nipples were sore. All these were good signs for hubby and I. We were so excited and were already acting as though my pregnancy was confirmed.

I read on the internetĀ aboutĀ those who had similar symptoms after an IUI and ended up being pregnant. These raised my hopes even more. I resumed buying baby items. My prayer of thanksgiving to God and praises and worship to God knew no bounds. I knew he has heard me. I couldn’t stop imagining that hubby and I would be parents at last.

Second week after the IUI, things changed a bit. The cramp was no longer intense, but mild and rather started feeling like I was going to get my period. I started having mixed feelings. I knew this was a fight of faith, and I’ve got to win. Every other symptom disappeared except for the mild pms-like cramps that was on and off. I checked the internet again and read that this also happened to several who ended up pregnant. This gave me hope again.

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I prayed more, confessed God’s word more and packaged a seed again and sowed in church. I was determined to win this battle. I was praying and the Spirit of God prompted me to sow yet another seed, and all of what I had in my bag at that time.

Wow! All I had was this N20k, it was the last N20k remaining from the about a N100k I had saved while I was working. For the past 3 months of not working, I thought I shouldn’t bug hubby with every inconsequential need. I should be able to do one or two things in the house and for myself without bothering him. It was also from this money I’ve been sowing my previous seeds in church towards my conception and now I know I heard the Holy Spirit loud and clear to give it all up. Because I’m of the belief that the devil cannot trick you into sowing seeds in church, so I knew that this could only be God.

I went to my bag, brought out the money and packaged it in an envelope, I prayed on it and made up my mind to give it in church on Sunday. I had a note of victory in my spirit. I also made up my mind to go for blood test on Monday believing that the result will come out positive.

This morning, I started feeling wet, I told hubby and we both checked, only to find out that it was my flow. I will go ahead and sow my seed on Sunday. I just want to know how to convince hubby not to give up spending to get us pregnant?

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  • Stop spending and keep praying and believing God. It’s just 2 years into your marriage so I don’t see why you guys are stressing so hard. Keep praying and believing God for your miracle.

  • Sweetheart, Gen 18:14 is real. Your time will come. Go back to work ! Pls don’t let this issue put a strain in ur marriage. The issue is magnifying itself against the knowledge of God and this us wrong. Go back to work! Staying at home alone will depress u. This problem will be solved sooner than u think. Go back to work, free ur self. Laugh again. Ur time will time. Attend naming ceremonies, when ppl are dedicating babies in church, dance along with them to the alter. They say when God is blessing ur neighbour u should be happy becos it means that God is in ur neighborhood and u will soon be next in line for a miracle. Unwind. Unburden ur heart and let Christ do His thing.

  • Madam please calm down. Anxiety and conception are not friends. Do your research, you’ll discover anxiety is not good for a woman trying to conceive. Please don’t mount pressure on your husband. You didn’t mention your age. My advice is, relax, consciously take your mind off conception for a while. Get something doing to keep you busy,eat healthy meals, exercise regularly ,enjoy your husband(sexually) without timing sex and God will answer your prayers. You won’t even know when you take in.

  • dear op. the Lord is ur strength. I feel your struggle and I will ensure I pray with you on this. u must experience the joy of mother hood. your blessings shall be double in Jesus name.amen. I don’t know u nor your name but I will pray for u and that seed u are abt to sow, just go ahead. in this month so much grace is available. God bless u.

  • Put all your trust in God not on any fertility treatment, i understand your plight, it is well

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