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”Doctors saw fibroid but I had twins”- Read Gina Ehikodi’s Testimony as Her Miracle Twins Turn 1 Today

”Doctors saw fibroid but I had twins”- Read Gina Ehikodi’s Testimony as Her Miracle Twins Turn 1 Today

Broadcaster and presenter, “Foodies and Spice,” Gina Ehikodi -Ojo would forever remember October 18 with a heart of thanksgiving.

Not only are her set of twin boys clocking a year old today, she remembers vividly their miracle birth a year ago.

According to Gina, who was diagnosed as having fibroid at the early stage of the pregnancy, she said she took her destiny into her hands and disregarded all medical reports and started asking family and friends to prepare for twins instead.

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Read her amazing testimony below…

”That moment when i held what the Sonographer first confirmed was fibroid. Sir, my womb is not meant for fibroid, I said.

Madam, he said, I know a foetus when I see one and fibroid when I see one. Can’t you see the difference? As he showed me the images on his scan machine.

Sir, I will come back here and you will see that I am carrying twins, i got up and left.

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He looked at me like, so this one want to teach me my job. Me too looked at him like, am about to shock you with the miracles the God I serve can wroth.

Not after I hear those amazing testimonies from the altar, not after all the twins prayer request I have been writing years before I even met my husband. “Devil you can lie sha o”

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Long story short… I got home and started preparing for twins. God gave me a miraculous testimony, no fertility drugs (contrary to what I have heard people say), no special regimen, easy pregnancy save for palpitations as a result of 2 men growing inside me, favourable conditions etc…

Most times I think I don’t deserve it but Jehovah is the all merciful who blesses us regardless of our situation.

I look at these gifts and wonder… none of them look like fibroid ????????????, what I see are great and honorable men, who will impact their generation and beyond, positively doing exploits and constantly showcasing God’s Glory.

Jehovah, me your daughter is saying thank you again. My whole being and all that I am is not enough to say thank you. Gratitude is all I have got in me!!! @geenamoore#Iyaibeji#theibejiareone#firstbirthday#gratitude#twinsbirthday#toGodbetheglory.”


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She went on to pen an open letter to her bundles of joy;

”Dear Sons,

This is my first letter to you (i am sure i will write so many more). I write today to let you know how amazing the miracle of your conception and birth was, it was nothing short of God proudly showcasing his glory.

I write to you today because soon, you may start attending playschool, socializing and before i know it, you will own your own home and family…. Great Stuff!

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See Also

But it will be good if you know early as early as you can that “One with God is Majority” , it is good for you to know early that “If God be for you, No one can be against you”. It is good for you to know early the concept of respect… Self Respect and Respect for others.

Break boundaries my sons but know your limits.

Choose courage in the place of fear but know that the coward points out the spot where the fearless warrior is buried.

Be ambitious, aim for more but learn to be contented because there lies the secret of happiness.

Never give room to Negativity, the optimistic one has a million reasons to believe.

Ooh! You are just one my sons… are these too deep for you to digest?
We are the book you read now huh? I get!… Mummy has to continue working and walking in wisdom because she is who you read now. You are right my son’s.

This is wishing you wisdom from above, the one which only the Almighty God gives to see you through life, which you would pass to your Children’s Children in Jesus name. Amen

From your Mama

Who is blessed to have you as Sons.”

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Happy birthday to the Ehikodi Ojo’s twins!

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