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Ask An Expert: Are My Fibroids Responsible For These Symptoms?

Ask An Expert: Are My Fibroids Responsible For These Symptoms?

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Q: I was diagnosed of fibroid about a year ago but had no symptoms. Now, my legs swell, especially when I sit for a long period. I also experience stiff neck and heaviness in the head with occasional headaches. Are my fibroids responsible? Are there precautions or drugs I can take to shrink my fibroids or at least stop them from growing bigger?

Dr. Alex Kaoranu Molukwu (OB/GYN) says:

Thank you very much for this interesting question. It presents a medical challenge.

Please you need to see your gynaecologist as soon as possible for a complete appraisal of your case.

Several factors may be responsible for the problems. There are many causes of swelling legs, stiffness of neck, heaviness in the head and occasional headaches in medicine.

Severe anaemia due to heavy menstrual bleeding may be a direct or indirect cause of your problems. Long standing pressure effects in the pelvis may have adverse effect on your liver and kidney. Also, remember that chronic anaemia affects the heart; anaemic cardiac failure is a well recognized medical problem.

You must not forget that all drugs are potential poisons.  Drug prescription should be left to your doctor.

Please forgive my asking for your age, are you married, how many children do you have and your plans for a family in future? Your consultant gynaecologist should be the judge and counsellor on this important female issue.

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