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“I never said that” – Victoria Inyama Reacts To Speculations About Recent Post On Abusive Marriage

“I never said that” – Victoria Inyama Reacts To Speculations About Recent Post On Abusive Marriage

UK-based actress and mum of three, Victoria Inyama, spilled on why she left Nollywood years ago, what she has been up to and speculations about her recent post on abusive marriage (read here) in an interview with Punch.

Read excerpts…

On if her husband influenced leaving Nollywood at the peak of her career

“I made my decision to leave the industry based on circumstances if I have to put it that way.”

On how she met her husband, literary icon, Ben Okri

“We met in London in 2003, I was in town for a show and that was how our paths crossed.”

On what she’s been up to in the UK

“I have been very much involved in raising my family and I also went back to the university to further my education. I went back to study Psychology despite having a bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts.

I like to give back and since I have the skills, I wanted to do something that would benefit everybody. One of the things that I have noticed is that a lot of people, especially those in the ethnic minority are not well represented in the area of psychology, so helping people assess themselves in terms of their well-being  is one of the things that I want to achieve.”

On what has changed about her over the 11 years she has been married

“Just like every other thing in life, marriage is a learning process and mine is not an exception. I am learning as each day unfolds. Nothing has changed really.”

On how she’s been able to sustain her marriage

“Can I pass that question? I don’t want to answer so I don’t want to go there.”

On her controversial post – if it’s true she advised women whose husbands beat them to tie them up when they are asleep and retaliate?

“I never said that. It was the handiwork of some overzealous blogger that I don’t even know. I put up something totally different on my Instagram page and it was just about a discussion that I had with someone. The person apparently had a rough time in her relationship and it wasn’t favourable at all, so she was now saying maybe if she had revenged during all the beatings, maybe things would have been okay. She added that her pastor said that if she sought a divorce, she is not allowed to marry any other person. Unfortunately, that blogger quoted me out of context. The post is still there on my Instagram page so anybody can go and verify. I never said that.”

On if the post was a subtle way of telling her story

“Really? I am just hearing this for the first time, so I don’t even know what to say. I would want to pass on that as well because I don’t know what to say.”

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