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Meet Mum-Of-12 Who Says She’s Addicted To Having Babies

Meet Mum-Of-12 Who Says She’s Addicted To Having Babies

Mandy, 39, from Worthing, who says she is addicted to giving birth has welcomed her 12th child with her husband, Nathan, Daily Mail reports.


The newborn reportedly joins the couple’s five sons and six daughters, whose ages range from 1 to 23.

Mandy admitted she has become ‘addicted’ to having children after having her first child more than two decades ago when she was 16.

Sharing her story on TLC UK’s My Extraordinary Pregnancy, she explained she is not the only one as her husband also loves having a big family. She said:

 ‘Not all the pregnancies were planned – 12 is us being careful – but each and every one has been a welcome addition.

Nathan loves a big family, he would have 20 if I’d let him. I hope to stop at 12. Famous last words as the last seven have all been the last.’



Speaking of what she enjoys the most about having babies, she explained:

‘Holding your baby for the first time is magical, meeting who has been in your stomach for nine months and putting a face to the kicks, I love it.’

The mother of 12 also said though labour never gets any easier, she does have anxiety about it as her due date approaches.

‘I am nervous about the birth. You would think it would get easier the more you have but they are so different and unpredictable each time, you never know what will happen so that makes me nervous.’

She also said that having a newborn at home is tough, especially when she still has all her other children to attend to.

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‘The first 12 weeks are hell as I am so tired. It is busy, you just don’t stop, the housework will finish 1 or 2am most days.

We currently have three under three but we have done it before having four under four – routine is key,’ she added.


The proud mother says her older children help out with their younger siblings, to encourage them they get pocket money in return.

Speaking on how she deals with their noise and tantrums, she said:

‘Crazy is normal in this house. Would I trade it for a quiet life? No.’

Photo Credit: TLC UK

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