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”My husband cheated on me and then smashed my head with a stone…” Abused Mum Tells Her Story

”My husband cheated on me and then smashed my head with a stone…” Abused Mum Tells Her Story

A woman named Comfort was almost blinded by her husband after hitting her head with a stone.

Narrating her story, Comfort who accused her husband of assaulting her in public for stopping in front of their church to greet the pastor, said he is a serial cheat.

The husband, Abimbola Olorode, has denied inflicting the injuries on her, saying she injured herself with her long nails.

Speaking with PUNCH Metro, Comfort said:

”Abimbola has been an excessively possessive husband. He suspects my every move and will not allow any man to talk to me. My man used to be the best husband any woman would want to have when I met him in 1999. His behavior at that time made me fall in love with him and I also invested in him financially, supporting him through his undergraduate studies. But he changed since 2008 when he got a job.

This is not the first time he is beating me. Even my children are not safe with him. He accuses me of all sorts of things, yet he has not caught me with any man. I know he cheats on me with various women, but I don’t complain.

This latest incident was as a result of the issues he had with his former church. He was made the youth leader of the church, but had to leave the church because he was accused of dating several women in the church including the pastor’s wife.”

Explaining further, Comfort said she was coming from the market on Saturday and stopped by to greet the pastor, this decision caused the alleged battering.

”My husband appeared from nowhere, started beating me, abusing me and smashed my forehead with a stone he picked from the ground,” she said.

In a telephone interview, Abimbola said:

”The issue at hand is a private family affair, which is currently being resolved by members of the family. My wife is hot-tempered, but I love her the way she is. I would not want to start saying things that I would regret later, just because of this little misunderstanding.

There is no evidence that I am responsible for the injuries on her face. She injured herself with her fixed nails when she fell while running away from the church. Marriage disputes are supposed to be resolved amicably without much publicity.”

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On the cheating allegations, he said his wife was just being suspicious.

”She has not heard from anybody that I have any child outside wedlock. She stood by me and I assisted her also, which is normal among couples. She is the mother of my children and I still love her. She is only being suspicious. I don’t want my home to break,” he said.

Sam Adeniji, the pastor at the center of the controversy, said the family had taken steps to resolve the issue.

”It is true that the incident happened on the church premises, I had wanted to involve my lawyer in the incident, but some family members have come to plead on his behalf,” he said.

Seriously, does this look like injury inflicted by nails of any kind?

Photo Credit: Punch Metro

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  • Let them resolve it till he carves out her eyes and blame it on cockroaches in their house. Mtcheew

  • Does this injury look like a nail injury? He is just a liar. Just because he cheats, he thinks his wife cheats too mtschew. Typical of cheating men who attack a woman just to defend their silliness.

  • That man is a liar from the pit of hell, how on earth will a reasonable human being say that this injury is fixed nails injury…nawa ooo

  • Haaaa! Stupid liar! This man will pick up the knife one day and stab the woman and then he’ll say she used the nail file to injure herself.
    How can a man bend down, pick a stone and smash his wife’s head. Was he a street kid? Pls, Lady, it’s your life – but I don’t honestly think you should wait until you’re maimed or even dead before you leave !

  • That man don’t know the meaning of love.he is a cheater and the woman should park her things and leave

  • This type of man belongs to the pit of hell.selfish and inhuman.look at him saying i love my wife…really is tht wat love is all about.its true wat thy say…..some men will only pretend to love yu wanting to abuse yu evrydae,woman wake up and smell the coffee bfo he kills yu with his bear hands.he is heartless and cruel.

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