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Story of How A Certain Lady’s Period Has Been Flowing Ceaseless After Her Encounter With A Suitor

Story of How A Certain Lady’s Period Has Been Flowing Ceaseless After Her Encounter With A Suitor

Yesterday, a Facebook user, Dian Chelsea, posted this eye opening message of a young girl, who was sexually abused for ritual purposes by a suitor to warn young ladies to be careful of friends and strange men. The suspect is allegedely one Mr. Emeka Augustine Ozulike popularly known as (Obele).

According to Dian, the young girl, who’s been bleeding ceaselessy since the diabolical sexual abuse, is now pleading on Nigerians to help find the suspect in order to undo what thhe had done on her.


”These goes out to young ladies; beware of the kind of company you keep especially that of strange men you know nothing about.

In today’s world, many atrocities are being committed and the most painful part of it is that the culprits keep getting away with their numerous crimes.

I wouldn’t want to base this on the present situation of the country because these acts have been in existence for as long as I can tell.

Here goes the story of sexually abused young girl and possibly, almost used for ritual by one Mr.Emeka Augustine Ozulike popularly known as (Obele), who hails from Akwa Village in Ifitedunu, Dunukofia LGA, Anambra State. Sources have it that he’s a successful business man with his businesses scattered all about the Main Market, Onitsha.

The abused girl pleaded for utmost anonymity but summed up courage to share her story which she believes is going to serve as an eye opener for young girls in our society.

It all began when a strange man called her phone who consistently claimed that she gave him her number which was a blatant lie. She later discovered that someone she regarded as a friend actually gave her contact to the man. At first, she was very reluctant to speak to this stranger but the pressure became unbearable that she was left with no option than to tell him off which she did but that didn’t help as well. The said Emeka continued saying that his intentions were genuine, that he actually wanted her for a wife.

On hearing this, the girl calmed a little and decided to be a little bit more civil with this criminal. They eventually established a neutral conversation between themselves but the girl was still very skeptical about this Emeka guy. He suggested to her that it will be okay for them to see each other so that she will be more convinced that he’s real which she agreed to, but distance was a barrier at that point in time because they both lived in different locations.

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One faithful day, an important business brough Emeka to the city of this girl’s residence. He called her as usual and informed her about his visit. She reluctantly went to the hotel where he lodged to see him. They met at the restaurant of the hotel. They sat for a while and the man suggested they go to his room so the can talk comfortably. She hesitated at first and later obliged. On getting to his room, he offered her a drink ( juice in a box), unknown to her, the juice was drugged.

The last she remembered was taking the drink and possibly waking up naked after several hours of being knocked out by the juice. She cried and later left in shame because she never planned to give this beast her cookie just yet. Getting home that evening, she noticed she was bleeding.

Being a young girl, she thought it was her monthly flow but the bleeding continued. She tried to reach the bastard on phone, after several missed calls; he neither picked nor returned her calls. At that point in time, in the midst of the bleeding, it just dawned on her that this man had used and possibly dumped her. Now her fear is the abnormal bleeding she’s experiencing because after all medical checks and series of tests performed on her, she’s normal with no fracture anywhere inside her system but the blood continues to flow. She’s very scared and confused having been proven Okay medically. She decided to cry out to the public to help her pass this message across to Emeka Augustine Ozulike ( aka OBELE) to come and undo whatever he did to her while he drugged her in his hotel room.

Girls please beware of beasts that walk in sheep clothing and try to avoid such a person. They are nothing but RITUALISTS. Even those you think they are your friends are actually back stabbers and devil’s incarnate in human form. Their punishment is still yet unknown because they will never go unpunished.”

Credit: Dian Chelsea

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  • This is just wicked. That man is a beast and deserves to rot in jail. I pray he is found and should undo what he’s done to her.

  • I blame the girl 100%. Firstly, she started considering a stranger because he mentioned marriage(they know how to get ladies with this). Secondly, when did hotel room become the only place ‘to talk comfortably’? She had fallen for him. No matter the publicity on rituals these days, girls will still goof

  • Please contact me at 347-852-6618 (NY), I will pray for you for deliverance. It is a spiritual problem that needs a spiritual solution. At this stage, you must give your heart to our Lord Jesus Christ. That’s the only power that can set you free from a strong occultic ritual. You are dealing with a very strong demon and needs a stronger power than him and that is the power of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour. There is hope. Okay, just believe. God bless you.

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