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After Series Of Disappointments Trying To Conceive For 11 Years, Couple Give IVF A Last Try And Get Overwhelming Result

After Series Of Disappointments Trying To Conceive For 11 Years, Couple Give IVF A Last Try And Get Overwhelming Result

Soap Opera actress, Lucy Pargeter, and her fiancé Rudi Coleano have opened up about about how their IVF pregnancy joy was foreshadowed by years of disappointments. In an interview with OK! Magazine the couple opened up about falling pregnant with twins on their second round of IVF, after 11 grueling years of unsuccessful attempts.

The actress went further to explain how exhausting it has been to deal with a constant string of disappointment, when it comes to conceiving naturally, and the heartbreak they suffered when their initial round of IVF failed to work. Adding that, doctors were not able to say why it took 11 years for conception.

“When it failed, it was devastating after all the drugs, preparation and mental stress that we were put through. Nothing was physically wrong with us. We had all the tests and Rudi’s sperm count was rocking and my egg reserves were fine.We’re very cautious, but we’re having regular checks with the fertility clinic and the midwives; everyone has been brilliant.

Her fiance, added that;

“It was a rocky time going through that. We had a disappointing ride on the first treatment. Of the second round and the eventual discovery that it had worked”.

The couple who already have a daughter, 11, disclosed that after her birth, they immediately started trying for another. ‘We’ve been trying for 11 years and now we’re expecting twins’.

The twins are due in May 2017, however, the expectant mother said: ‘They don’t let you go further than 37 weeks with twins, so they’ll be out mid-April if not before.” She also revealed that back in 2007,  her daughter had an enlarged spleen and blood problems when she was 2 years of age. Adding that; the health scare put a strain on the thought of having another child.

With so much joy in their hearts, Rudi, said;

“We’re so excited, no words can describe how we’re feeling. It would be nice to have a boy and a girl, but we don’t mind as long as they’re healthy.”

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Lucy, 39,added; We’re absolutely over the moon, it still hasn’t sunk in. It’s a buy one, get one free situation!’

The pair are yet to learn the gender of the twins, but will find out the exciting news just before Christmas.

Congratulations to both of them.

Photo Credit: Ok Magazine

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