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So Sweet: American Singer Tyrese is Off the Market | Unveils His Beautiful Wife

So Sweet: American Singer Tyrese is Off the Market | Unveils His Beautiful Wife

American singer and actor Tyrese Darnell Gibson, often referred to simply as Tyrese, reveals he secretly tied the knot on Valentine’s Day. The singer took to Instagram yesterday to share the big surprise which has left many excited and speechless at the same time.

Tyrese, who shared a post of himself speaking about the woman he wished to marry (read here) without knowing her, has finally settled down with her.

Although he didn’t reveal Mrs. Gibson’s real name, it’s clear he’s head over heels in love with the her, she was beautifully adorned in a silk pink dress and a bejeweled headpiece.

Read his heartfelt post describing his wife:

“So many people give a lot of power to “The Ring” as a man I had to wait till I truly truly felt like my WORDS and my FEET would walk in the same direction as my HEART.

Not to worry I won’t be updating you guys on every detail and every aspect of our life. We tried to keep this all a secret and it somehow got out there so we just wanted to share the blessed news ourselves.

Our way, during our pre-martial session Pastor Creflo Dollar said “Don’t make the mistake that others make thinking so much about the future that you lose focus of the gift of the present, be patient and present in love.

 You and your wife should stand on each side of your empty canvas of love and paint the picture along the way. The future isn’t always promised but what’s certain is we’re all capable of making a commitment to wake up everyday and love someone the best way you can.

It’s quite simple, it’s #GrownManSeason we feel the purity of Gods presence all over this union He’s walking with us so no weapons formed- this will last.

We’re so grateful and humbled by your outpouring of love! We appreciate all of the prayers and well wishes. Life’s a trip, cause sometimes when you pray you get exactly what your heart desires.

I got #MyBlackQueen I didn’t just marry her, I married my daughters new example. Grace, elegance, college educated with multiple degrees, kind, classy, sophisticated.

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We are all flawed, sinners and have made mistakes but I hope you decide to keep loving, keep the faith and God will to send you what’s yours…. #Amen

Tyrese, was previously married to Norma Mitchell, from 2007-2009. The pair share custody of their 9-year-old daughter Shayla Somer Gibson.

Congratulations to the newlyweds. They look so in love.

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