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For Refusing to Swear Before a Juju Priest to Prove her Fidelity… See What a Man Did to His Wife

For Refusing to Swear Before a Juju Priest to Prove her Fidelity… See What a Man Did to His Wife

In yet another shocking story of domestic violence, a man has beaten and brutalized his wife for refusing to swear before a juju priest to prove she isn’t cheating.

Below is how Nigerian lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye, who shared the photos, reported the story on Facebook:

Recently, I posted here on DPA that a woman should not be forced to swear any oath before any juju doctor or babalawo to show she has been faithful. I made that post because I have come to understand the predicament women face under such unconstitutional and evil practice.
True to my fears, we have a woman who was so badly beaten by her husband tonight because the woman refused to swear after she read my post yesterday.
You can see the picture of the woman in her battered and brutalized state. And you can compare her badly injured face with pictures she took before the beating.
You will see how a beautiful and bubbling lady was dehumanizing by her own husband and almost killed just because she did not swear before a juju altar. The woman maintains that she is a Christian and could not swear to a shrine. But the man told. Her to swear and die or refuse to swear and still die.
Now, where are those men who were on DPA wall yesterday arguing in favor of men like this man? Where are those men who got angry when I pointed out that men who send their wives to swear are dangerous men who have no business having wives? Where are those unthinking men or should I mention them by their names?
DPA must punish this man so he will never try this again.”

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