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7 Signs Your Child is Sexually Active

7 Signs Your Child is Sexually Active

For most parents, sexual education with a teen is a very awkward topic to broach, yet we cringe at the though of our child actually having sex.

It’s important to note that at puberty, curiosity about sex is perfectly normal and indeed a healthy trait. What makes it bad and uncontrollable is when they explore these feelings without proper guidance.

There will be tell-tale signs if your child is sexually active, you just have to be patient enough to observe them.

See below 7 common signs that your child is sexually active:

1. Change inĀ behavior

They tend to become more introverted or extroverted, depending on the type of personalty your teen has. If they are using sex as a comforter, they could display periods of elation just after the act and vice-versa seemingly for no reason.

2. Keeping tabs on you

They always want to know where you are, so that they can know if they have enough time to complete the act without you catching them.Ā Let’s face it, if your teen is having sex, the last thing they would want is for you to catch them in the act. Unfortunately, their mobile phones make it easier to keep tabs on your movement.

3. Provocative dressing

Girls tend to change how they dress. Having sex could give them a heightened sense of maturity and lead them to pay more attention to what they wear to feel and look more attractive or sexy.

4. More secretive

They tend to become more elusiveĀ about their activities and phone use. Pass-worded phones or tabs and the use of coded language in their conversations are potential red flags.

5. Dropping grades

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Some teens will begin to haveĀ less interest in school work and more interest in their sexual relationship. Lacking the mental maturity to deal with sex can overwhelm a teen and drive them to distraction, leaving them constantly thinking about where to have it next or how.

6. Obsession with the mirror

When your daughter starts paying an unusual close attention to her looks and also develops an unsual interest in the use of makeup, these may be incredible signs.

7. Condoms/contraceptives

If you get to find any of these items among your child’s possessions, not only could your child be sexually active, but they are also equipped with the knowledge and tools to prevent STD’s and unwanted pregnancies.


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