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Dear MIMsters: Am I overreacting when I watch for my daughter when Hubby’s friend is around?

Dear MIMsters: Am I overreacting when I watch for my daughter when Hubby’s friend is around?

Am I am overreacting? Hubby’s friend often sleeps in our home.

This evening, I was busy with my baby in the bathroom when I heard my four-year-old daughter asking her father what he was doing in the toilet. A few seconds later, I came out of the bathroom and went directly to her room but she was not there. I called out her name and she answered from the direction of our guestroom. I asked her what she went there to do and she told me that she went to pick up her slippers. I told her not to lie to me that I wouldn’t beat her and she told me that she wanted to go and kiss her dad’s friend goodnight. I asked her why she didn’t kiss him when we were all in the sitting room instead of sneaking to his room in the dark in our absence.

Hubby heard me talking to her and he got angry with me. He said I shouldn’t insist on it and laughed over it with her.

I have seen my daughter do some nasty things in the past and when I asked her who taught her, she’ll say she saw it was on the T.V even though I am very strict with what she watches, hubby allows her to take charge of the remote control when I am not around.

My question is did I overreact by telling her not to ever sneak to the guest room that she should do or ask whatever she wants to do in front of us? I have stopped talking to hubby because of this issue because I hate his reaction whenever things like this come up. I don’t know if it is because he was born and brought up abroad that makes him display his “I don’t care attitude.”

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I will be resuming work (night shift) in July and would not want to panic whenever hubby’s friend is around while I’m off to work.

I was abused several times by our neigbhour back in Nigeria when I was 7 years-old and never told anybody about it. Could be the reason why I am been over protective over her? I always tell my daughter that nobody has the right to touch her private part except her alone, that it is meant for urinating only and that she should always tell me whenever anybody tries to touch her.

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  • u not over reacting ooo.parent np longer sleep wt their eye closed

  • Why not disclose ur past to ur hubby,it will help relief you and will make him see things your way based on your experience,and could also be more agile than you expecially when you are not opinion though

  • Na waaa ooo,which one is sleeping in a married couple’s home always? Babe shine ur eyes wella, maybe na wetin ur daughter don see the papa do or what the dad told her the day she saw him coming out from the friend’s room cos me I no understand this sleeping over
    Maybe that’s why he allows her to watch whatever she wants while he is busy kissing goodnight

  • You are not over reacting. You are acting like a parent should. You can’t trust anyone these days.

  • You not over reacting at all fact you doing the needful!!its not impossible that your hubby’s friend is molesting her and have asked her not to tell anyone about it..My own point of view,cos for your daughter to say she went to give him a goodnight kiss??please be more watchful and sit your husband and talk things out with him,politely and humbly,let him understand why you are protective of her!Female child abuse is everywhere and so rampant here in Nigeria oooo….

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