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Dear MIMsters: How I Became A Lesbian at a Very Young Age

Dear MIMsters: How I Became A Lesbian at a Very Young Age

This is my true life story, not someone else’. I hear of mothers educating their children on sex education to protect them from the opposite sex and I laugh. Only if you knew how I became a lesbian at a very young age.

Now here is my story. As a young girl, the very first day I saw my menses, my mom told me that if I go close to any man or if any man should just touch me, I will become pregnant. I was still in primary school so I became more careful of my male classmates than the females, not knowing that they were some daughters of Jezbel in the class.

We started from playing together as girls during break time. We would go¬†outside the school compound and playfully touch one person’s breast and run away. Your friend whose breasts you touched, runs after you to¬†touch yours in retaliation, that’s how I found myself where I least expected.

We started practicing lesbianism,¬†although I didn’t know what it was called then. It was our thing to do during break periods. At home, during the holidays, my parents never even suspected anything because we were all females.

To cut the story short, we left primary¬†school and went our separate ways but the urge was still there. I had no¬†choice than to practice it with my cousins who came for holidays. They¬†were still young they didn’t know what we were doing and we were same sex. Whenever I find no one to play with, I would masturbate.

When I grew up and found out that it was a sin and a crime in Nigeria, I had to reduce my advances on girls until I say my kind on campus.

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Thankfully, I stopped lesbianism on my own without my parents ever suspecting¬†till date. They see me as the best¬†as I don’t keep male friends. But unfortunately, I couldn’t¬†stop masturbating even after I got married. Even if I have 6 rounds with my husband, I¬†will still go on to masturbate later, without his knowledge. Thankfully,¬†for almost 2 years now with the help of God through my pastor and my
determination to quit, I have stopped masturbation and lesbianism.

I sharing this so we can educate our children to be wary of both sexes because the days are evil.

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