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Dear MIMsters: I am Pregnant for a Policeman but…

Dear MIMsters: I am Pregnant for a Policeman but…

I’m 23-years-old. I have been dating a policeman for 3 years now. He shows me love and anytime I suspect him of cheating on me, he always makes me understand that I am the only one he loves . I believe him because he always gave me the respect I need.

One day I suspected I was pregnant and I told him about it. At first, he was very happy and took me out. When we came back home, he asked to see the lab result but I told him I was not really sure, that I was going to do the lab test the next day and he became a little angry. We settled and he left.

The next day, he called to find out about the result, I told him I had not done it yet because I was very busy working. I carried out the test the next day and it showed positive. With so much joy, I decided to take a picture of the result and send to him. All he could do was ask me who the father of the child was, hung up the phone and switched it off. Till today, he has not been picking up my calls. I don’t know what to do now.

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  • You have to hear from him first as that would determine your next action

  • Eish. Why do men turn to beast mode when they find out their gf is pregnant? Even the sweetest of them all. Only a few are genuinely excited. Maybe you should go and see him face to face and ask him what he meant by who the father is. Be sure to get your answers before leaving. From the conversation, you will know if he wants the baby or not.

  • he just wanted to eat n clean mouth….give birth to d child n handle the consequences of ur mistake…simple.

  • Thats what happens when you misplace your priorities.At this age,your primary concern is to further school or learn a trade and not jumping from John to Peter.
    One thing you must know is that force men are very promiscous and loose.
    I will suggest u look for a means of fending for urself,involve your parents and get busy.

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