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Expectant Dad Kevin Hart Tells All in New Memoir…. Discusses Violent Marriage, Alcoholic Dad & More

Expectant Dad Kevin Hart Tells All in New Memoir…. Discusses Violent Marriage, Alcoholic Dad & More

Hollywood actor & comedian, Kevin Hart, has just revealed some candid confessions we don’t know about him in his new Memoir titled I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons.

In the memoir, the funny father opens up about a variety of topics from finding success and rejection in Hollywood, his childhood life, sex, drugs and to violent marriage.

In the chapter titled “Life Lessons from School,” Kevin recounted the time he lost his virginity twice, E! News reports.

On his childhood life and Losing His Virginity:

“Her name was Angie. We didn’t go to the same school, but she lived in the neighborhood. The first time, I couldn’t tell whether we did it or not. This time, I was certain we did it. So I double lost my virginity. I had to lose it twice, just to make sure.”

Kevin later admitted that it took him awhile to comprehend that “even though I wasn’t tall or good-looking, women were still attracted to me.”

About his father, Kevin, 37, recalled how he would bring he and his brother, Kenneth gifts that turned out to be stolen items, one time even bringing a dog home.

He also disclosed discovering in adulthood, that his father was addicted to drugs, and fathered several children while still married to his mother, naming almost all the boys Robert, just like his elder brother.

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In addition, Kevin also talked about smoking with hip hop musician, Snoop Dogg.

“All I remember is that Snoop kept smoking and passing me the blunt, smoking and passing, smoking and passing, until I could only see smoke and couldn’t see the pass.

I felt him nudging me, and through the haze, I forced my mouth to form words. ‘How high are we trying to get? Because I think I’m there’, he wrote.

About his ex wife and mother of his two kids, Torrei Hart, Kevin admitted regretting cheating on her throughout their marriage and twelve-year relationship.

He also disclosed spending the night in jail after the police was called a few times during their violent fights.

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“Brick by brick, I’d built an unstable house with Torrei, one that was doomed to collapse,” Hart wrote.

On what happens when he gets drunk:

“When I’m drunk, I think everything is a toilet.” That’s how Kevin kicked off the section of his book appropriately titled “Alcohol.”

In the Tell All memoir, Kelvin, who tied the knot with new booEniko Parrish last year August, also admitted to going number one in Eniko‘s purse.

“When I’m wasted, anything with a door looks like a bathroom to me. And anything with a lid or an opening looks like a toilet. So I’ll piss wherever I think a bathroom should be,” he explained.

Last month Kevin announced that he and his beautiful wife are expecting their first child together.

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