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Dear MIMsters: I Regret What I Did. I Want this Guy Back.

Dear MIMsters: I Regret What I Did. I Want this Guy Back.

I started dating this guy when I was 19, now I’m 24. He loved me and told me he would do anything for me.

All that was left was just a formal introduction of both families who already knew us together and consented to the relationship. We had an issue, broke up for about two years and eventually came back together after a year.

Then I got infatuated with another guy. He had more money than my first boyfriend. So when my boyfriend and I got back together and wanted us to settle down, I told him that I cannot cope with his income. This is majorly due to my background. I didn’t want to experience what my mum experienced.

To cut the long story short, we broke up due to my inability to accept I was wrong. This left him deeply hurt. Now, I want us to reconcile but he’s not just willing to let go like that and I have realised that I can’t i ¬†get myself to love another, no matter how richer they are. With tears in my eyes, I have begged him but he said though he still loves me, love isn’t just enough.

I need sincere advice on what to do. Picture me as one of your daughters who needs help.
I don’t want to lose him, cause he’s everything I want in a man and his family are just the best any girl could wish for as in-laws. They love me so much and I feel at home with them.¬†Please, feel free to chastise me if you deem it necessary.

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  • You would have put all that into consideration before dumping a man because of what he earns today, OMG!!! You don’t even have a foresight cos tomorrow like they say is heavily pregnant. Despise not the days of little beginning, cos the young will surely grow. Most Girls of these days got their eyes all on wealth.Good luck to you though

  • Keep begging him, he will come around if he truly loves you. Then get one of his family members to help you beg him too.

    • Best Morning, ma!

      I want to paint this picture like am the guy this person hurt. The first thing that will be going through my mind is, can I still trust this person that this won’t happen in the nearest future? Trust is like water(early stage of trust) you put inside a functioning (working) freezer(relationship) to make ice block(solidify stage of trust). You nurture it by keeping inside freezer. What happened to ice block when you removed‚Äč it from the freezer , it start dissolving till it turn to liquid(water). You have removed ice block from the freezer.

      That what’s happening here… He doesn’t trust you again, he has lost confidence in you, he’s questioning your loyalty. But, you have to find a way to put the water back inside the freezer to make the ice block again i.e get him to trust you again, get him to have confidence in you again.

      Though, it will take time for him to trust you like he did before but with time, he will. He still loves you but he’s afraid to trust you again, and no relationship without trust‚Äč! Keeping begging him, “talk heart to heart talk”, send his siblings that like you a lot to beg him on your behalf, send someone he likes a lot to beg him, if you can approach his parents to plead with him. In fact, with his parents, it will go a long way to reconcile both of you.

      Lastly, pray about it.
      Forgiveness is divine. Some people find it so difficult to forgive easily. With your love in his heart, he will succumb to your pleading.

      Best Luck


  • Go back to that your rich infatuated friend, because as for this guy…he is done with you even if you cry blood.

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