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Dear MIMsters: I Am Scared This Man Who Once Cared for Me Might Just Kill Me Someday

Dear MIMsters: I Am Scared This Man Who Once Cared for Me Might Just Kill Me Someday

I have been married for 6 years now. The husband who loved, respected and cared for me has now turned into something else.

Now, he cheats openly, insults and embarrasses me anytime he likes.

In December 22, he pleaded with me to come back after we quarrelled and sent me some money to buy the Christmas clothes for the kids and for transport fare. When we got home, he woke me up and beat the hell out of me with a cutlass. It was by the grace of God that I escaped in a very bad shape.

He pleaded and I forgave him again. He showed me love and care. Three days ago, I asked him for one hundred Naira to buy my baby milk for that night. My baby’s milk had finished but he said he had no money. This brought about another argument and before I knew, he got up from where he sat and came to slap me. He followed the slap with a blow while I had our baby on my back.

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I managed to escape and ran outside, then he locked us out. We slept in his elder brother’s house that night. The next day after he had gone to work, I collected a few things and travelled to my parents.

I need your advice on what next to do now because I am scared. The beating I have received is too much and this man might just kill me someday. I am thinking of what to do.

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  • Why do women keep going back to someone that treats them so badly? A man that loves you will not hit you repeatedly for no good reason ( as if there is even a good reason for hitting a woman) or lock you outside with your child, that is one sick man you need to stay away from. It’s high time you and so many women out there that subject yourselves to inhumane treatments like this from Men woke up from your slumber and love yourselves because If you love yourself and have some dignity, you would not allow some men in the name of husbands dream of talking to you disrespectfully not to talk of putting their filthy, evil, irresponsible, shameless, sick hands on you. #womenwakeup#

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