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Dear MIMsters: Do I Have to Feel Guilty About My Niece’s Transformation?

Dear MIMsters: Do I Have to Feel Guilty About My Niece’s Transformation?

My niece’s transformation is remarkable. Do I have to feel guilty about it?

I was born into a Muslim family but I personally converted into Christianity long before I got married.

Today, I am married and expecting my first child and I have become an established hair stylist running my own Salon. I have been able to successfully train dozens of apprentice and currently have some apprentice in training.

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My older brother who is a core practising Muslim sent his 12-year-old daughter to live with me, so that I can train her. When she arrived, she was covered up from head to toe with the Hijab. I told my brother that if he wants me to train his daughter then, she will have to adapt to my lifestyle. There’s no way that I will be going to church on Sunday and she will be at home alone until I return. I told him this and he gave me his consent.

So she started going with me to church every Sunday. Gradually, she stopped wearing the full garments. Before she did, she told me she wanted to look trendy. She wanted a change from the traditional outfits she arrived in and wanted to look more like the people she saw around. I got her nice trendy clothes and she was very pleased. Finally, without any persuasion from me, she dropped the head scarf. I asked her why and her response was that it was hot and uncomfortable.

On the other side, she’s been learning how to make people’s hair. I’ve taught her how to braid, twist and retouch hair. She’s now learning how to fix extensions. When customers come to my Salon, they are amazed to see how far she’s changed.

My question is do I have to feel guilty about her total transformation?

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  • No you don’t have to. Her father gave his consent and she did it willingly on her part too, she was not forced to.

  • u caused it in the first place, why complain abt her covering in the first place. u, her and her father will meet the Creator In the earth after

    • Leave them to their creator, and stop being irrational and religion biase. abeg we av too much religious crisis in this country. Dnt bring ur religious bitterness to this platform.advise politely and not bitterly. You too would meet ur creator and account for urz too.

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