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Omoni Oboli Addresses Negative Feedback She Got After Sharing Photo of her Son Cooking

Omoni Oboli Addresses Negative Feedback She Got After Sharing Photo of her Son Cooking

Following the news we reported yesterday about actress and mother of three boys, Omoni Oboli, who posted a picture of her last son Chizi Oboli making puff puff for the first time, while also encouraging mothers to teach their sons to cook (read here), a Nigerian man has written a lengthy message criticizing her.

According to him, Omoni, 39, is only trying to feminize her son by teaching him how to cook.

You will recall that this was the message Omoni posted yesterday:

”Mothers of boys, teach your sons to cook! Make dem nor go turn another person pikin to perpetual cook ????or make person nor go use food catch them.

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He mixed it from start to finish himself. I helped him with the frying sha #ChefChizi#ProudNunuMom#OmoniNunuRecipes????????????????????????#Repost@chizioboli.

First time making puff puff and it came out great ???????? You can call me Chef Chizi ????????✨ , Omoni captioned the cooking picture.

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Reacting to the comment made by the Nigerian man, Omoni, who is also a scriptwriter and digital filmmaker, took to her Instagram page to address it and ask her fans their opinions:

”So #Omonifam, yesterday I posted a picture of my son making puff puff for the first time while I encouraged moms of boys to teach their sons to cook.

Swipe to read a comment I saw on twitter. I think it’s a comment from the story (not sure, someone screen munched it and put it on Twitter). Ladies and gentlemen, let’s discuss…what do y’all really think? Is this wrong? I need to know your thoughts. Bless you ??❤ #MamaBoys #ProudNunuMom #ChildOfGrace

Edit: PS: This post is not meant to insult anyone. It’s just for discussion purposes. After all, we are all here to learn. Peace and love ❤️.”

See the lengthy comment from the man below, which Omoni shared:


”I’m so disappointed with this and the language in it…inflamed honestly.I’m saddened to read this nonsense.I completely disagree.I know that It’s natural for a mother to nurture her son but there is a fine line between feminizing your son and being a helicopter mom.Women of nowadays are raising wussies, pansies and weenies.

Omoni Oboli you are doing a terrible job by exposing your son to femininity.This is unAfrican. You see the reason why boys today softer and more effeminate than in previous generations.You see how these new generation of moms reek havoc and sow the seeds of discord in the lives of their sons.

You see how these mothers do their sons a disservice by not encouraging them to be masculine.Why are women teaching their sons this?What is the new generation of mothers thinking by allowing their sons to enter kitchen? This is disgusting.

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This is not visionary.You see why a woman cannot train a boy to be a man like how we men have limits when it comes to raising and training girls.

There are certain that these young boys need psychologically,spiritually,mentally and emotionally that you mothers are taking away from them(Masculinity,testosterone,the male ego)Please women should leave the manhood training to men.

You modern mothers are ruining your sons by emasculating them,depriving them of their masculinity,weakening them,as soon as they reach adulthood ,these harmful traits make them soft. You new generation mothers are raising a generation of wimps,.

We now face a future dominated by boys who never grow up to be men smh…It’s becoming more and more apparent of the influence that these strong feminists are having on boys.

We men have to start to realize that these women are feminizing our sons.Women should stop involving their sons in feminine activities like cooking. Western culture has contaminated the traditional values of Africa.Shame!!Modernity is taking away our African cultures smh.”

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • The man should go and take several seats, this is the type that encourages their son to enslave their wives, I don’t see anything wrong with what Omani did cos my boyz also do laundry, cook/any other house chores. This man comment is also disgusting to me

  • What was the man thinking when he was typing these? His kind will raise boys that would turn their wives into punching bags even during pregnancy simply because the innocent Lady couldn’t prepare any meal due to her condition.
    I pity some men!

  • Please where is this guy from!!!???it’s like he’s still in the stone age..does he know that most renowned and successful chefs are males???which law even in Africa states that men are not to cook!!!!????

  • I think he is stupid and has no place among humans. He should go sit his African ass down and allow humans do what they should. Useless man. I pity his wife, daughters and future DILs.

  • I don’t understand why educated people reason like illiterates, what’s wrong with a man doing the cooking and cleaning. where in the world or scripture is the domestic duties left for woman alone,thumbs up omoni. pls do your job as a mother, my hubby want a taste of the puff joor. He blames himself for not even learning how to do some stuffs like that earlier.

  • This man is so uncivilized. What is wrong in a man helping out in the kitchen or any other type of house chores. I have five boys and three girls, there is a rota of how the chores are shared and everyone goes aling with it happily.
    My boys happily cook and wash dishes and any other type of domestic duty when it is their turn and my daughters do the same in their own turns. Be wise man and raise your boys properly so that they can make happy and useful husbands, fathers and sons in future. It is not always about money or how much a husband can contribute financially, but all these little gestures matters.

  • I don’t know which old generation this man is referring to o. My dad who is now 80+ taught me how to cook in my teenage years (since he felt I was being spoilt by my mum) and am forever grateful for that

  • Omoni Oboli has shown us how tlsge raises her boys. Can Be tell us what exactly is Masculinity… He kept using the word without defining duties that makes a bit child masculine.. He is just a blabber

  • Omoni Oboli has shown us how she raises her boys. Can he tell us what exactly is Masculinity… He kept using the word without defining duties that makes a child masculine..So what home chores should a guy do. Everyone who eats food should know how to cook. He is just a blabber

  • Pls don’t blame the man, he was raised that way. I’m sure his dad also enslaved his mum and he thinks it should always be that way. This man has no brain.

  • I guess the man is just trying to earn himself cheap popularity. Or how on earth , in this age can a ‘man’ still believe its wrong to train a male child basic household chores like cooking? This is the kind of man that turns their wives to slaves at home, turning themselves to demi gods in their own kingdom. I pity the wife ( if there’s any sha) of this fellow. Omoni, kudos to u sis. God bless u more and ur children.

  • Hmmmm… wa ooooo….where is this man from. Mr man u and ur comment is disgusting n making me feel sick now, and stop saying teaching a guy how to cook is disgusting. Please go get yourself some common sense.I pity ur wife if u have any, n ur kids

  • This man comes from a different planned, my man please get a life and allow changes to take place in your life your mum should have suffered a lot because u are speaking based on your experience which was so old before two thousand years ago .I have four
    children , three boys and a girl, I shared their domestic work equally because they eat equally. MY husband helps me in doing everything in the house bathing the children, cleaning, washing still Go to work and be the father and husband to me .doing all this makes you a real human not less a man.Pls arise and wake up and be a real man .

  • OMG!!! Like this man is making me sick! It just shows how he enslaves his wife @home. I’m a mum of boys and I’m teaching my children to be useful not only to themselves but also to the society. Because they’ll be responsible. @some point in there lives they will leave alone, Abeg how will they be able to live if they can not even make eba or even boil water for tea,for crying out loud. What is wrong with the boy frying puff puff for the family? He is just a sick man looking for cheap popularity. #dasall#. Abeg letmecomeandbegoing. Before I curse him. Yeye!

  • Wow! I want to believe the man don’t mean what he wrote. I remember when i lost my mum, my dad cook for us before my elder sister start learning to cook from my dad. My dad don’t eat Eba yet he prepared it for us. My dad will be 70 years this month. What makes one a real my is not Egoism and masculinity. It is being able to do small things that count. Please sir, if you want to enjoy your old age and want to be surrounded by a happy family in your old age. Please teach your sons how to take care of themselves first and the people arround them by doing small things that might be even insignificant such as cooking, cleaning, sweeping e.t.c. Life is not about what we think is right it is about making impact. Good job Omoni, the earlier the better for the country too

  • I learned cooking frm my dad that is 70+ and my hubby cook delicious meals too. As a mom of boys I teach them to b independent and that include cooking. Which age is this man from? He should go and learn from real men because he is up to be called a man yet.

  • The man is simply sick and living in denial. My mum has 7 boys and 2 girls, and all 7 of dem are chefs so to say. They cook just about any meal deliciously. My husband also is a chef, U shud come eat his egusi soup or stew and u, my man will be ashamed of yourself. Wake up and smell the coffee man, this is the 21st century!!! You go girl Omoni, teach ur boy house chores, they will be better off that way. God bless u.

  • All my children are boys and I make it a responsibility to make them responsible by engaging in ALL house chores. As I text this now I am on the sick bed and since morning I ve not stepped out of the bedroom.I had my breakfast in the bed. My LUNCH is on the way now. My first son went to the market for the shopping. I am from an indigent background thus couldn’t not prepare some of these western delicacies as my mother couldnt afford the expenses
    but my husband taught me how to cook them and now after seventeen years of happy marriage,I am now a guru. So who says house chores are meant only for girls??!!!! Oh! Mr Man, I plead with you to go get a life as it is obvious you dont belong here. I wonderful what kind of activities go on in your “home”.This singular act of yours is what can be reffered to as CHEAP POPULARITY. My dear Omoni Oboli You are doing a great job.Forget bad belle.This is mere beefing. Forget them joor

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