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Dear MIMsters: Why Did Hubby Hide this Detail From Me? Could There Be Something Else He’s Hiding?

Dear MIMsters: Why Did Hubby Hide this Detail From Me? Could There Be Something Else He’s Hiding?

I found out something and a certain detail my hubby hid from and felt I should share with my virtual siaters and possibly will get a clear answer to the situation.

So, on Monday morning, hubby informed me that someone used his account details to shop for a call card. I asked how and he logged into his account and confirmed the unknown transaction. He called his account officer who has confirmed that such a thing could happen if he no longer uses the number he opened the account with.

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Now in a bid to rectify this issue, he contacted customer service who now asked series of questions including the last time he did a transaction on the account. He turned to me for help and I confirmed the day.

I had previously asked hubby to pay some money into my mum’s account as I couldn’t meet up with my financial responsibility at the time of the month. He is fully aware that I transfer money to my mum monthly.

Hubby reluctantly mentioned to the person on the line that he also paid some money into his mum’s account. At that point I was surprised as hubby never mentioned to me that he wanted to give his mum anything.

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I thought we were open with our finances but shocked that he kept this away from me. What could be the reason for him to keep such away from me? There has never been a time I have gone against him supporting his mum even though she doesn’t regard me. I feel betrayed by his action.

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  • Sorry but I don’t see it as a big deal. Perhaps it skipped his memory not necessarily hiding from u

  • Maybe it skipped his mind? This is not an issue at all to get worked over. I understand you guys are transparent with each other but this is no betrayal at all. Just talk to him and tell him not to forget next time and inform you.

  • Dnt get annoyed n don’t attack him verbally it might skip his mind n if he has d intention of keeping it he won’t give such info in ur presence… U ar spoilt .LOL

  • I dnt see anything wrong with that and i dnt think it enough to conclude he’s hiding other things form you. This is his mum you are talking about not another woman

  • Hiding this from you will definitely raise other questions in you. Such can make one suspicious truly and can make one feel betrayed. He may be hiding it from you because you and his mother don’t get along well. He is obviously not comfortable hiding it from you hence his hesitation when giving out the info to the account officer in your presence. He may be under pressure to have made him hid it away from you. Please don’t use it against him. To free your mind, talk it with him. Tell him how it made you feel and let him know how this single act could create more enmity between you and his mom. Please don’t use harsh tone cos he’s feeling bad already else it leads to big fight.

  • It didnt skip his mind for sure. He just didnt know how u’d react to it, most especially a negative reaction since u n his mom are not in terms. How u handle this will determine his actions in future. A negative reaction will confirm what he may have suspected. Just talk to him, be positive about it n let him know you felt betrayed.

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