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12 Ways To Improve Your Worth As A Mum

12 Ways To Improve Your Worth As A Mum

By Ineh Olisah

Motherhood comes with a lot of changes, some good ones and some not so nice ones. Ranging from your body, your time, your finances, your emotional state to even how you dress are areas that will be affected by your new status. One thing is a given though, you will need to make some adjustments to be able to efficiently accommodate or cope with these changes. Here are a few things you might need to do to stay afloat and improve your worth.

Lose Weight: If you must pile up the pounds, make sure it’s the one that has the picture of the Queen of England on it. The ones you’ve piled up on your hips, thighs, tummy and arms since your last baby are worthless. Make it a mission this year to ditch them for a healthier, finer look. Work out and look fit because fitness is now the new word for looking good.

Stop Rude Language: If you don’t want profane words included in your kids’ vocabularies, then you must delete them from yours. Not only are they rude, but they speak volumes of the child’s background and can serve as a basis for aggressive behavior in a child. Remember, that kids desperately want to be like mum and dad. You are your child’s number one role model.

Ping Less, Talk More: Family is everything. Do not let the blackberry, Facebook, twitter or other forms of social media deprive your family of your attention. Be there when you are there, because it is possible to be with your family, yet afar. Have quality conversations with your spouse and children. Even babies love being spoken to as they coo and blab. This will improve the overall relationship with your family.

Travel: I’m not talking about the one-way-ticket kind of traveling. Traveling for leisure or for business is one of the most rewarding and enriching experience a person can have. It is education in itself that offers you a whole new appreciation of different cultures and lifestyles. Traveling will build your experience and exposure by broadening your horizon. So, get packing today!

Read Read Read: If you do not have the time and money to travel physically, then let your mind do the traveling by reading a book. You can shop and have coffee on Champs-Ellysee, Paris today and have a business meeting at Wall Street, New York all from the comfort of your home. This can only happen when you read a book.

Start Saving: If you have been spending all you earn, now is the time for you to STOP. You can never become richer than you currently are by spending all or more than you earn. Develop a habit of putting something aside for your future from each paycheck no matter how much you earn. Learn to delay gratification be saving now to have a better future. Be wise!

Learn Something New: Give your life a new lease by stimulating your brain. Challenge your brain everyday by learning something new. Keeping your brain active can help prevent memory loss as you age.

Spend Time With Yourself: Take time out to be with yourself by yourself. Away from the noise, hype and people, reconnect with your inner-self through sober reflection. You can also use this opportunity to tell yourself the truth by admitting to yourself the motives behind your decisions, whether they are noble or not. Just be truthful to yourself to avoid being delusional.

Have A Good Attitude: Be humble and responsible enough to say, “I’m sorry” when you are in the wrong and mean it. Don’t cheat your way to the top because it’s only a matter of time before you come crashing like a pack of cards.

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Make A Conscious Effort To Grow: Be deliberate about growing and adding value to yourself by feeding your mind. Read professional books that will make you a better resource person at work, attend relevant seminars, symposiums and workshops that will help you improve whatever skills you already have.

Be Stylish: There is nothing as admirable as a woman who’s got a great sense of style. Without breaking the bank, learn to match pieces of clothing that are great for your body type. Also learn how to accessorize. You can transform your look from drab to fab by using the right accessories. Remember, especially for first impressions, the way you are dressed determines the way you are addressed.

Refresh Your Relationships: Honestly review your relationships and make the necessary adjustments. Do away with unfriendly friends or those who do not add any form of value to your life. Show appreciation to those who have supported, encouraged or mentored you.


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