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Dear MIMsters: Why Am I So Worried About Making Where We Live Comfortable?

Dear MIMsters: Why Am I So Worried About Making Where We Live Comfortable?

I have been married to my husband for 3 years and still counting and we have a son together. I am writing to seek advice on this issue. Hubby and I and our son live in his father’s house and it is far from being comfortable. This happened even though I objected to it. He made promises to move us to our own apartment as this will guarantee our peace of mind.

Now, it’s been 3 years down the lane and nothing like that has happened. Sadly, we still live in a single room with all our belongings, including my kitchen utensils and equipments. That bad!

Dear Mimster, this is a man whom I have given all my savings to so he could start a business (more than GHC 10,000). Recently, when I realised our moving was becoming a dead dream instead of a reality, I asked him if I could renovate parts of the house in bits to make it more habitable for us.

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Instead, he said I should give him the money so he can start yet another business and then use the proceeds from the business to do the renovations. We live in an old house which is about 45 years old.Ā Due to lack of maintenance, all the fittings aren’t working properly.

I reminded my husband and asked him about what happened to the other investments. This man got angry and started calling me names. He said that I am only concerned because it is MY investment.

Please tell me, where did I go wrong? Should I give him the money or go ahead to make the place comfortable by myself? What do you think that I should do?

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  • Instead of renovating where you are now, why not use the money to rent an apartment? Unless maybe the money is not enough to rent a place, then you can just renovate but don’t give that husband of yours a dime because he will still not use it for anything meaningful.

  • Give him what money???????????? Please go and rent an apartment and be comfortable, who says it’s the duty of a woman to keep starting a business for a man?

  • rent an apartment and use d money fr business instead of giving ur hubby

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