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Dear MIMsters: I Gave My Brother an Advice Which I Think Will Save His 6 Children’s Future. Was I Wrong?

Dear MIMsters: I Gave My Brother an Advice Which I Think Will Save His 6 Children’s Future. Was I Wrong?

I am so concerned about the future and education of my elder brother’s six kids, hence I’m writing for advice on what to do.

My elder brother lost his job over 5 years now. His wife is also not working as she is a full-time house wife with six (6) children living here with us in Lagos state.

The issue is that since he lost that job he has been unable to secure another well-paid job. He is only surviving with a little job and struggling to feed his family.

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All the six children have been out of school since then.

We have advised him to send his wife and their children to the village until things get better. Then he can bring them later. This is because I think school is free in the village and feeding is cheaper there than here in Lagos.

The problem is my brother and his wife have objected to my advice. Meanwhile my siblings and I don’t have enough to sponsor their education in Lagos and our parents are late.

I am so much concerned about the education and future of those children which I think my brother and his wife are not serious about. You would think since he’s a graduate, he should know the importance of education.

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Was my advice to my brother which is to relocate his wife and kids to the village for the purpose of their education wrong?

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  • It’s not wrong at all. They have been out of school for 5 years that’s a lot of time to waste not going to school.

  • Your brother’s wife is the problem here, what kinda mother will watch her children stay at home on daily basis while other kids are in school? She is still not moved to go out there and look for something to do to better their lives? She’s popping them out like Chinese product in the name of house wife. Public schools are still free in Lagos, instead of wasting at home they can make do with that for now, I just feel bad for the kids.

  • why can’t you and your siblings assist your brother and his wife to enroll his children in a govt. school which is almost free in every part of Nigeria. with this present recession do they have any source of income in the village. oh you want to go and rot in the village suffering alone with the kids. This the right time for you to prove he is your brother. Assuming he is rich now you won’t give the wife a breathing space claiming he is your brother. And since you know your parents are no more who do want her to go and stay with. Be reasonable my friend!

  • this keto u don’t make sense at all.av u taught off proximity to d so called govt schools in a place lik lagos.if dey were financially ok won’t dey help besides why SD any reasonabl person be giving birth like a rabbit to kids u can’t train if d worst u know. if dey had only two or three it would bn easier fr relatives to help or evn d parents to send dem to school.biko park well if. u ain’t got a point to drive home well

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