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Superb! This Savvy Mum Has Completed Her Christmas Shopping in July

Superb! This Savvy Mum Has Completed Her Christmas Shopping in July

“Always plan ahead, it was not raining when Noah built the Ark”.

We have all heard a saying or two about the benefits of planning but how many of us actually implement this in our lives. One of the skills to being a mother, is being able to get the best deals to save money for the family. This mum’s story is a perfect example of how planning can make our lives easier.

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An early bird mother has put the rest of us to shame by wrapping up her Christmas shopping in July.

METRO says Aoife Morrison started organising her Christmas gifts in April after coming across a number of high street bargains in her native Australia.

The 33-year-old was fed up of overspending and battling the crowds in December so wrote her Christmas list early. And after just a few weeks of hunting for presents, Aoife has got the lot and has even wrapped up some items so they’re ready.

The mum, who has a two year old daughter, Willow, also knew she had to pre-plan Christmas as only her husband Jason is working full time.

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She budgeted $700 (£500) for all the presents and has been putting aside around $25 (£15) per month.

‘I worked out that my presents would total around $700 (£500) and I knew with a single income, we needed to plan our presents in advance.

I visited a huge Australian department store, there I was able to stock my trolley full of bargains for Willow and her friends.

I tend to ask people what they want for Christmas so my presents are practical.

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I have paid for all my gifts by putting aside money each month and I’ve ordered the bigger gifts, such as Willow’s new bike, so they arrive in December and we don’t have to find a place to hide them.

I know how much each household bill is down to the cent (penny).’

She left us with a great advice;

‘If people pre-plan, they can save money and buy gifts that your loved ones actually want or need.’

We can apply her advice to all aspects of life, not just christmas shopping and enjoy all the benefits of planning. So, let’s get planning.

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