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Dear MIMsters: Should I Evacuate or Quit my Job?

Dear MIMsters: Should I Evacuate or Quit my Job?

To evacuate or quit? These are the options I am faced with and I must choose one.

One sign of pregnancy for me is spotting blood before my menstruation date. My pregnancy is usually confirmed after going to the hospital for a test.

Now, I have noticed this same sign again, carried out a test which turned out positive. But the problem is the spotting has not stopped as it usually does. I am still spotting blood but not heavy.

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I went to the doctor who said that I am fine but would need to rest very well which means that I have to quit my job. My office will not allow me to go home and rest for that unless I quit.

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I don’t know if I should just evacuate the baby or quit my job so that I can rest as much as the doctor suggested. He told me that I need up to 3 months to rest before the blood spotting will stop.

The sight of this blood frightens me. Has any mom experienced continuous spotting during pregnancy? Does this means that I could be losing my baby? How do I make it stop as I’m scared of losing my baby.  Leaving my work is not an option as we are not financially okay for now.

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  • My colleague had the same issue at the early stage of her pregnancy and now she’s fine and ready to pop.

  • Do not quit your job and do not evacuate please. Take things easy and rest enough during the weekends when you are not working. The Lord is your strength.

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