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REVEALED! What Led to the Crash of Ooni of Ife’s 17-Month-Old Marriage to Olori Wuraola

REVEALED! What Led to the Crash of Ooni of Ife’s 17-Month-Old Marriage to Olori Wuraola

Yesterday there were viral reports that the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi‘s marriage to his wife Olori Wuraola has crashed after just 17 months (read here).

According to LIB, some weeks ago, the Ooni told his wife he was no longer interested in their union and asked her to leave. The former Olori has relocated from Ile-Ife, Osun state and now lives in Lagos.


Read the new report by LIB.

”The Ooni married Olori Wuraola shortly after meeting her last year. According to sources close to the estranged couple, after he ascended the throne, a wife was needed asap and he was introduced to Wuraola who at the time was with a Lebanese business man.

But immediately the Ooni indicated interest to marry her, she quickly dumped the Lebanese man and went with the new Ooni.

She was with this guy in February 2016, in fact she had their photo on her Whatsapp DP and just the following month, in March, she was married to the Ooni. We were all surprised” a source close to the former Olori told LIB exclusively.

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The funny thing is; the Ooni was advised not to marry her. Former president Obasanjo himself, who regards the Ooni highly, advised him to marry someone else but the Ooni turned a deaf ear to his plea.

She had been married before to a former governor and a Lebanese man, so many of his inner circle friends wanted another woman for him, but he was adamant” the source continued.

We gathered that the Olori still ran to the same Obasanjo for help and advise, when the Ooni threatened to marry another wife. Obasanjo didn’t do much according to what we gathered.

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According to another source, Olori Wuraola and the Ooni didn’t court for long and didn’t really know each other that well before getting married. And she went into the marriage with high expectations from the new Ooni, but when those expectations were not met, she allegedly started to act up.

They have been having issues for many months now. But the Ooni finally knew his marriage to Wuraola was nearing its end after they returned from London in March.

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While there, he suspected the Olori was not 100% loyal to him after he saw some text messages on her phone. I wish I could go into details of what he saw.

Before then, she had done so many things, including traveling abroad to be by herself, and many other things that the Ooni was bitter about” the source continued.

According to what we gathered, after the Olori staged the walk against domestic violence in Lagos in July, the Ooni told a few friends that his marriage to the Olori was over, but it wasn’t until about two weeks ago that he informed her family that he no longer wanted the marriage and asked the Olori to leave.

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LIB asked the source how they could have been having marital issues as far back as March 2017 when the Ooni sent out a loving birthday shout out to the Olori in April.

The source laughed and said; ”Everyone who knows the Ooni knows he would never write that kind of message publicly. We know him. He himself was surprised to see the message online on her birthday but didn’t react, not to embarrass her.

The Olori wrote the message herself and posted it on his Instagram page. I can assure you that message was not from the Ooni”

The message read: ”Happy birthday to my beautiful wife, my queen. I pray on this day you continue to increase in strength, grace and wisdom. I love you very much”

When we asked the source if they thought the marriage could be saved, he said no!

“It’s final. He’s done with the marriage but don’t be surprised if there’s a media storm between them, especially from the Olori. She sent him a long scathing text message threatening fire and brimstone and called him unprintable names but the Ooni is not fazed. We expect him to get a new wife soon.”

However, the new gist here is that a new queen has already been picked.

According to palace sources, the Monarch will be getting a Yoruba Queen unlike Olori Wuraola who is from Benin, Edo state.

”The new queen will be unveiled by the end of the month or sometime in September. The king of the Yorubas can not be a bachelor,” the source noted.

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  • Na wah oh, what’s the guarantee that this new one will work since his wife must be handpicked by some certain people. What happens to dating someone before you finally settles?

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