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Are Women Born With Spiritual Parenting Powers and Preinstalled Motherhood Software? Twitter User Address Men

Are Women Born With Spiritual Parenting Powers and Preinstalled Motherhood Software? Twitter User Address Men

A Twitter user and mother Ozzyonce, aired her views on child care in a series of tweets. According to her, women aren’t born with natural parenting powers, but they come to learn it “on-the-job.”

She also said men have been able to get away from childcare because of these assumptions.

See her tweets below:

”Men act like women are born with spiritual parenting powers and pre-installed motherhood software. The truth is practice makes perfect, and because women are tasked with the bulk of parenting work, they get a LOT of practice.

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The diff between delicately & precariously changing my baby’s first diaper & now; one handed in the dark while he sleep feeds on one boob. It confirms that men have been allowed to get away with being super lazy about childcare under the guise of motherly bond/instincts.

Yes, mothers have a natural bond with their kids. But women have also been conditioned to be nurturing so we dive in wholeheartedly & LEARN.

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That’s my point: You mostly learn all this shit on the job: the love and bond comes naturally but not much else. Baby center is my holy grail.”

Using her family as a case study, she continues;

”So sometimes when my husband asks me a question, I ask him to google it cos that’s what I had to do: I don’t have all the answers sway. If you want to learn to take care of a child, all you actually have to do is take care of the child & not enough men take care of their kids.

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And too many women say problematic shit like “I cant leave him alone with the baby o!” Or shower them with praise when they so much as.

Breathe in the baby’s direction. Even I have to remind myself sometimes that I am not asking for “help”, but for you to do your part. Last weekend, left the baby, expressed milk in the fridge & a nannyless husband at home & had a night out with my friends.

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Everyone kept asking wide eyed “WHO is the baby with” “what did you do with the baby?” Etc

I just don’t understand the clashing ideologies that men are these fierce unquestionable HEADS of the home but also these helpless non adults.

That cannot be taxed with basic or complex responsibilities and are expected to crumble at the slightest domestic pressures. Anyway this child is now using my boob as a pacifier so I can kick him off and go back to bed.”


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  • I think she’s awesome for this tweets. I mean I never could have put it better. Men think they are doing women a favor by caring for their kids. No, you’re doing your part as a parent.

  • A lot of men think it’s a woman’s sole responsibility to care for the kids. It’s a joint effort that produces great kids.

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