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Is This Woman’s Reaction after Meeting Beyoncé Way Overboard?

Is This Woman’s Reaction after Meeting Beyoncé Way Overboard?

We all know how groupies feel when they see their favourite celebrities but comparing meeting a celebrity to the birthing of a child is somewhat shocking. Did this young woman go overboard with her comments after meeting Beyoncé?

Olivia Puckett, a performer, took to Instagram to share photos with superstar Beyoncé Knowles after meeting her for the first time.

However, it is her caption which has got people talking. The Broadway actress described the mother of three as the woman who created her (a small god)  and said that even the birth of her first child will not amount to the moment they met.

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”I breathed the same air as the woman who created me. Created us all, truly. The birth of my first child will not amount to this moment. All is new. All is new.

We embraced. Her skin was soft. I touched her arm for too long. My head hurts. I can’t be bothered picking a filter right now. I have to go lay down.”

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Here’re some reactions below…

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