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Your Top 5 Baby Formula Questions Answered

Your Top 5 Baby Formula Questions Answered

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Breastmilk is the undisputed champion when it comes to baby food, at some point however, you have to introduce your baby to formula. Mothers will definitely have some concerns about this, but fear not, as Motherhood in style is here to the rescue.

Here are top 5 questions on baby formula answered.

1. Q: How is ‘powder’ different from ‘ready made’ Formula?

A: Simple! Powder has to be prepared: just mix with warm water. Ready made is…well, already made: all you have to do is transfer it to baby’s feeding bottle.

2. Q: Is cow milk based formula okay for baby?

A: Why, yes. It’s been passed through special heat treatment, fortified and mixed with water, vitamin, carbs, protein, minerals and fats. Baby will be able to take cow milk by the time he/she is past 12 months.


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3. Q: Should I introduce soy first?

A: Okay, according to experts, soy-based formula is perfect only if you want to raise your child on a vegan diet. Baby’s digestive system will find soy milk just as unwelcome as cow’s milk. It is recommended that you start off baby on cow milk based formula before transitioning to soy.

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4. Q: What’s this about Organic vs Grass-fed formula?

First, both of them are made from cow milk. The difference is in how the cows themselves were fed. Organic formula is made from the milk of cows that were fed with soy, grain and corn-based feed.  Grass-fed, as the name implies, is made from the milk of cows that were fed exclusively on plants (grass and shrubs).

There are arguments as to which is more nutritious but one thing we can point to is that organic fed cows are free from pesticides and are eco-friendly. If such things matter to you, go for them.

5. Q: Any specific information about water?

Well, the water supply has to be clean and baby-friendly seeing as baby’s system is still underdeveloped and sensitive. If you’re not sure about the tap water, talk to your baby’s doctor about using bottled ‘table’ water.

Do you have any questions we haven’t or didn’t cover? Let us know in the comment section below.

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