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Did Late Tagbo Umeike Father Caroline Danjuma’s 3rd Child? | See Bombshell Allegations

Did Late Tagbo Umeike Father Caroline Danjuma’s 3rd Child? | See Bombshell Allegations

Here’s an alleged story on events surrounding the death of Tagbo told by an anonymous Twitter user and posted by another user @MyHoeStory on Instagram.

According to the Twitter user, Caroline Danjuma‘s who called out singer Davido, accusing him of having a hand had a secret affair with the deceased.

The twitter user also claimed that late Tagbo is the father of Caroline’s third child, the reason she is voicing out in disguise claiming they are friends.

The user however refused to disclose his or her identity and also claimed the account used to disclose the information is not his or her real account.

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The anonymous also said that Tagbo died of overdose not stating exactly what he was overdosed of, drugs, drink or what?

He further revealed that Tagbo was taking everything in as the night before his demise was a crazy night and him and some others went to clear DNA.

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However what DNA is the anonymous referring to, is that a name of a person or is this related to a paternity test based on the users claims?.

Read what the anonymous said below:

” This is not my real account because I’m trying to hide my identity. TAGBO is the father of Caroline’s child the 3rd one they had a secret affair that’s why she is voicing out in disguise that they are just friends.

And he died of overdose. He is not really a friend of Davido per say but he tags around with a Davido crew. Yesternite was crazy he was taking everything in and I am not very close to him. My self and the other guys left to clear DNA and Baba too.”

See photo of text from the anonymous sent to @MyHoeStory below:

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However based on the allegations made against Davido concerning Tagbo’s death, nothing has been heard from the singer except he sent his condolence to the deceased’s family.

What happened to Tagbo? More updates will be revealed to you if any comes up.

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