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Dear MIMsters: Is My Fiancé’s Pettiness a Red Flag?

Dear MIMsters: Is My Fiancé’s Pettiness a Red Flag?

Hello MIM, is my fiancé’s pettiness a red flag?

I’m 24 years old, a lawyer, I have a good job and I’m earning well. I have been dating a 28 year old guy for three years now. He was my senior colleague at the university and we became friends. At the time he graduated and left, I was in 200 level.

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The relationship started in my 4th year, just before my final year exams. We communicated more on phone and got to see each other once in a year for the first two years of our relationship. Upon graduation, I got a job in a state close to his resident state, and since then we have related closely.

The issue is that he is very petty and has lots of mood swings. He loves me, and I feel for him genuinely but he can be so immature in handling issues. We have had challenges that almost ruined our relationship, but each time he begs and we reconcile. We have gone for our introduction and he has collected the list for the traditional rites, but just last week he repeated the same attitude and this irritated me so much that I just feel I can’t cope with it. He keeps promising to work on himself, but things remain the same.

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He is doing well professionally so it’s obviously has nothing to do with inferiority complex. I’m worried that I’m going into marriage with such a petty and immature man. He has been very supportive right from my undergraduate days. I have other suitors, but I just don’t know the right thing to do at the moment. I’m tired of his pettiness. Kindly advise me please.

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  • u dint tell us what exactly u call pettiness if it’s sometn dat can b worked on wt patience. if u can’t cope with it walk away just be sure u not irritated because u having other suitors…walk away now if u cant cope but be sure u not making a decision u would regret theres no perfect person…..all the best.

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff but you guys need to sit and discuss this issue thoroughly before you move forward.

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