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Second Marriage: Another Chance to Get It Right or a Huge Mistake?

Second Marriage: Another Chance to Get It Right or a Huge Mistake?

Adesua Iyoyojie 

When we hear the word second marriage, we begin to think of two faced ilures that didn’t make things work.

In our society , divorcees are stigmatized, people blame them for not making their first marriage work.
Some divorcees completely lose hope in finding happiness and love again but below are some reasons why divorcees giving marriage another try, isn’t such a bad idea:

1. They have gained wisdom
A divorcee has married wrongly the first time, so we can assume he/she is not bound to make such mistake again.
They have made the mistake ,learn new things and are ready to apply it in their second marriage.

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2. They are better people
They know the reason why their first marriage crashed, they know the parts they played in the crashing.
They know the attitude and habits they need to drop behind
They Leave it in the past and put in their best in becoming better people..

3. They are more transparent and honest
A divorcee knows better than to hide things and lie.
They know the consequences of having a faulty foundation in a marriage, so this time, they are more honest and transparent than ever..

4. They are more responsible.
They know why their first marriages didn’t work.
They don’t push blames. They take responsibility for it even if they did nothing wrong and move on.

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5. They are not looking for validation
While their first marriage was on the verge of crashing , they learnt how to make themselves happy since the marriage wasn’t making them happy anymore.
So divorcees already has ways of making themselves feel happy other than marriage…

6. They know everything to expect
They have passed through that same path.
Anything that involves marriage doesn’t surprise them anymore. They know all the nook and crannies of marriage

7. They are emotionally matured
They know you can’t change Human beings, they learnt that lesson in their first marriage
So they are emotionally intelligent, they know the best time to act and react.

8. They are picky
Divorcees are picky, they have made one mistake which is their first marriage, they won’t want to repeat the same mistake,. So they take their time to select Very carefully.

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9.They are not desperate or under pressure .
They know the consequences of that so they take their time.
Most times they have kids that already make them happy, so they take their time to look for a companion for the sake of companionship.
They are not under pressure to have kids or bring someone home.

10. They are experienced
Marriage itself is an eye opening institution.
Only a married person can tell you about some things and divorcees have all the experienced it.

You have learned all the lessons you needed to learn, stop beating yourself up for what is in the past.

Go ahead and give it another shot!



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