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Dear MIMsters: I Refused To Marry Him And Now He Wants To Kill Me

Dear MIMsters: I Refused To Marry Him And Now He Wants To Kill Me

Hello MIMsters, I want to first of all say thank you for the good work you are doing, it has restored many families, thank you for creating this platform. I want you guys to please help me try to make sense of this case, I believe I am dealing with a mad man and I am scared for my life. This in my opinion, is pure wickedness.

I met this guy from Mbaise, Imo state two years ago and he proposed to me, but I rejected it because he is everything a reasonable person should stay away from and every mother’s nightmare. Two years later, I packed into an apartment, unknown to me, this guy was my next door neighbor. As I am writing this to you, he has fought me both physically and spiritually.

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One random day, I ran into a mad man who stoped me and told me to pray to God to save me from a man that I have refused to marry, he told me that the man was out to destroy my life. Mimsters, this is a person I was never in a relationship with, I never promised to marry him, I never collected anything from him. I met him when I was looking for a job. I walked into a canteen to eat with a female friend of mine, he saw me and came to sit with us. He offered us many things that I refused.

His told us that he had connections and was willing to share them with us. He said he knew rich men who were willing to give us 1.4 million naira just for sex. The girl with me accepted it, but I told him I was not interested. I am a virgin, and the last thing I want to do is sell my virginity. From that day on, anytime he saw me he would follow me around and tell me how he had noticed how good I was, he would say I was ā€œwife materialā€ and that he wanted to marry me. I always turned him down and used our different churches as the excuse.

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He tried many tricks while chasing me, he even went as far as crying in front of the statue of the virgin Mary, but I told myself that I cannot go into marriage out of pity. I honestly disliked his lifestyle and everything about him.

I have heard that people from Mbaise in Imo are very bad people, I wonder if that is why he is fighting me this way. Some ladies deceive men that they will marry them just so that they can collect money and gifts from them, I have NEVER done this to him, that is why it is so strange to me. Why is he fighting me?

I packed out of the house just because of him; a pastor I do not know, called me and told me that my life was in danger. He said there was a plot to kill me, so I left. Now, I live in a place very far from where he is, and I am still experiencing a lot of strange things; someone has tried to break into my room through the roof. The first time it happened, I ran out and called the landlord. They broke the roof immediately they got there and a pack of cigarettes was seen amidst the rubble, the air from the ceiling had a cigarette stench, which meant someone had been there recently.

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The other day, I went to Charism for Prayers because of a good job that I got. Where I live is far, so transportation takes up most of my money. The first thing one of the intercessors asked me was if I rejected a proposal from someone becauseĀ there is serious war against me from that person.

Please mimsters, I don’t understand this, what evil did I commit because it’s looking like I am dealing with a mad man. I owe him nothing, this is more than wickedness. Please tell me what I have done wrong, I donā€™t know what to do anymore!

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  • I am scared right now, this is a serious matter. Nigerian police doesn’t have head so going to lay a complaint won’t get you nowhere. Can you use the military to warn him or something.

  • My dear you didn’t do anything wrong please, he is just a mad man like you said. Please go for prayers in a Bible believing church to revert whatever he has done. This is now an ego thing turned wickedness.

  • Know this, you are a child of God, he cant kill you. Relax your mind, remove every form of fear and go down on your kneels and pray to God. Don’t allow fear to engulf you, that is the strategy. And look for a strong christian sister to pray and to stay with you.

  • My dear sister, I am from Imo State but not from Mbaise. Plz run for ur dear life as fast as ur legs can carry you. I almost got married to a guy from Mbaise but God rescued me from what wld hv been d WORST mistake of my life. Plz ruuuunnnn

  • My dear u need to report him to d police so that dey will invite him to sign an undertaken(if anything happen to u he will be responsible). Also keep praying n go for deliverance in Ć  bible believing church.don’t worry he is already defeated

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