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Doris Simeon Speaks On Life After Failed Marriage As She Gets Ready to Feature in Celebrity Housemates

Doris Simeon Speaks On Life After Failed Marriage As She Gets Ready to Feature in Celebrity Housemates

Actress and single mom of one Doris Simeon, who was previously married to Daniel Ademinokan, is speaking out about her failed marriage once again. Controversy trailed their divorce as fans held fellow actress, Stella Damasus, responsible.

The Nollywood sweetheart whose ex-husband moved on with fellow actress Stella Damasus, does not seem to be bothered about the child custody drama playing out between her and former husband.

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In a chat with KemiAshefon, Simeon talked about her ex husband, their son David, remarrying and more.

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When asked if Doris hasn’t moved on since her ex is now married.

“I moved on long ago,” she said.

“Should we be expecting wedding bells next year?”

“Marriage is over-rated in this part of the world. If I get married fine, if I don’t, it’s OK. What is required is me being happy, feeling good and enjoying what I do. I will enjoy it to the peak.”

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“But your son is still with his father and his new wife, Stella Damasus?”

“That’s Ok. I still speak with my son and that’s what is important now.”

When asked if she still speaks with Daniel, Doris said;

“I talk to my son, I don’t have anything to do with Daniel Ademinokan.”

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On viral speculations that Stella snatched her husband and child, Doris responded;

“Well, but they have not taken my life and my shine. I am still shining and I am still looking good. Life goes on as long as you are breathing, be grateful.”

When you read negative news about you and Daniel, how do you react?

“I am just me. That is his life. I’m living my life. He is living his. I don’t go begging from anybody. I am glowing.

God has been good to me and when the time comes, I will talk about my son. I talk to my son and the boy is good. But for now, I have nothing to say,” she said.

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Doris, would be featuring as one of the celebrity housemates in the forthcoming reality TV Show, “Celebrity Housemates”.

Confirming that she was in South Africa for some months to shoot a film and some TV shows, Doris, who is determined to win the N7m cash prize for winner at the Celebrity Housemates, was elated at the idea of a Reality TV Show.

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“It was a great idea and when the founder, Kemi Otegbade of Heartlinks Ventures called me up in South Africa, I jumped at the idea. It’s more than a reality show.

It is out to showcase our diverse culture, arts and entertainment. It’s a show with a difference. By January 12, 2018, we are in the House and by February 11, a winner emerges. I am very sure I would win. Nigerians should just vote for me,” an excited Doris said.

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