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Dear MIMsters: He Said My Veejay Smells and I Told Him This….Did I Overreact?

Dear MIMsters: He Said My Veejay Smells and I Told Him This….Did I Overreact?

Did I overreact after he told me that my veejay smells?

I want to know if I was wrong. My husband and I stopped making love for some weeks due to the fact that we had a misunderstanding.

Last night, I was surprised when he made the move for sex and I gave in to his request. We had sex and in the end, he released his sperm into my vagina. And we both slept off.

Very early the next day, he reached out for me again and we had sex again.

As I went into the bathroom to shower, he came in to tell me that my pussy is smelling. Oh, I felt bad and ashamed of myself. I was embarrassed. In fact at that moment, I lost my self esteem. I became worried thinking of the best reply to make him to make him feel the same way I do.

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I decided to tell him that he should go and run some text at the lab and that I have been wanting to tell him all this while but didn’t know the right approach. I told him that my vagina usually itch me and I get rashes when ever he fucks my without condom. I also told him that his sperm might be infected.

Since then he has been in a sour mood and has refused to talk to me.

Please tell me, did I over react? I will be reading your comments.

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  • I think both of u hav not been heal from ur past wound i mean ur past misunderstanding before u had sex and thats what affecting u. Do u kn that if both of u are in good term and he said that u may take it as a joke and u will not been emotionally affected meanwhile ur reaction with not be that. but the deed has been done. My research so far show that most happy home and working marriage are done by women, even the bible said ‘a wise woman build her home but a foolish one……’ Dont join the society egocentric women, apologize, humble urself, summit to him, show him affection, pray, do everything to let ur marriage work. Dont forget this is ur marriage and home, work it out pls. shalom.

  • I love you. Over react? Nah not at all. Allow him be in the fowl mood and then come out of it. You cannot be the only one that should suffer because of his loose mouth.

  • I think you actually did overreact.
    Your husband still cares for you and has passion for you hence the lovemaking.
    Now, telling a lady that her veejay smells is obviously not easy when done by someone who cares for you and wants the best for you. They may be embarrassed to speak and may be wary of your reaction. It takes some courage to do so and I guess your husband meant well.
    On the other hand, one could say this just out of spite or to humiliate the lady. Somehow I don’t think your husband did this with malicious intent.

    Sometimes, a lady’s veejay MAY smell. An infection called Trichomoniasis (which is not necessarily sexually transmitted) could cause a fishy smell. This can be treated easily. See your doctor for this.

    Your reaction to your husband was an overreaction and was mean spirited. Perhaps you felt embarrassed, it’s understandable. But why accuse him of what he doesn’t have? Why drive a wedge in your marriage?
    This little thing could escalate to something ugly and you should nip it in the bud.

    My Sis, please get checked up in the hospital, treat any little infection.
    Speak to your husband, resolve any issues and reconcile with him.
    I wish you all the best.

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