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Photos as Charly Boy Finally Gives One of His Daughters Away in Marriage

Photos as Charly Boy Finally Gives One of His Daughters Away in Marriage

Maverick showbiz maestro and activist, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly boy, early this month gave out his first daughter, Adaeze Oputa in marriage to one Mr Metu Anu, both from Imo Sate.

The beautiful duo whose court wedding was held on Thursday February 1st, also tied the knot at a traditional wedding held at the Bride father’s home, situated on CharlyBoy Boulevard in Gwarimpa, Abuja.

The marriage rite was followed by a grand reception at the popular Evelyn Event Centre, which hosted celebrities both from within and outside the entertainment Industry.

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Charly Boy, 66, who shared photos from the court wedding of Adaeze who graduated from South Carolina State University and lives in Atlanta, Georgia on Instagram, wrote;

”Kai, see my beautiful Princess wey I heavily invest on. Na him wey one fine boy come carry. It’s not fair.???????????????????????????????? Mr and Mrs Anu. The latest couple in ????????.”

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Speaking with Sunday Scoop about how he felt on that day, he said,

“I had mixed feelings actually. I put in a lot of time in my daughter’s upbringing and we bonded so well. As a parent, you could sometime wish that your offspring would stay with you forever, but at a point, you have to let go.

I am happy that I’m letting go to someone who is a gentleman, considerate and thoughtful. I wish her a happy married life.

She has a good pedigree, and both the bride and groom’s parents have good marriages that have stood the test for time; that ought to count for something.”

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Describing the relationship he has with the daughter who got married, Charly Boy said,

“I have a very unique relationship with all my children. They are not all treated the same because each kid is special in their unique ways. I don’t have one way of dealing with everybody.

There are different strokes for different folks. I guess that’s the joy of parenting because not every kid would turn out the way you want him or her to. Some are late starters, while some are early birds.”

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Meanwhile, prior to the wedding, a picture of Charly Boy and one of his daughters was released and it promptly went viral. Speaking on the picture in which they both sat on a motorcycle, the eccentric star said,

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“That picture was her idea. She asked me to do a photo shoot with her and the concept was centered around two people stranded on a desert.

All my children have a bit of me in all of them and that’s only natural. I didn’t intentionally make it that way by conditioning their minds towards anything. I always tell my children to stay true to whom they really are, chase their dreams and be independent.

I also tell them not to neglect the values and principles that we hold sacred in the Oputa family. I do whatever I want to do, and not what anybody tells me to.

I expect that my children are going to be the same way. As long as it is a positive thing and it makes them happy, I would encourage them. I am their father and friend.”

Photo credit: Ejike photography /Instagram

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