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Dear MIMsters: My Pregnant Wife Is Afraid My Sperm Will Harm the Baby

Dear MIMsters: My Pregnant Wife Is Afraid My Sperm Will Harm the Baby

I’m really bothered about something and would like to share. I want to know if my sperm can harm my baby and make it start acting weird.

My wife is 20 weeks pregnant and still has a small bump. Since she got pregnant, it’s been one drama or the other in bed. It’s either she’s complaining that I’m trying to burst through to the baby via missionary style, but the moment I change style to doggy, she starts lamenting that she wants missionary.

The one that’s driving me crazy is the fact that she has completely ruled out blow job and receiving a head, whilst she knows this is what I love most. She claims giving me blow job will require her sucking my sperm, in other words, we will be feeding the baby with sperm which she thinks can ultimately make our child behave weird.

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Like seriously! I can’t stay for another four months like this and who knows maybe after delivery, I’ll have to wait another 8 months to get in there. We both are first time parents. She’s 25 and I’m not exactly experienced but I have a strong feeling that she’s overdoing hers.

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Please tell me, does blow job mean feeding the baby with sperm and will it make our child start behaving weird later? We both are going to be reading your comments. Thank you.

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  • Hahahahhahaha your wife is very funny. Sperm does not affect an unborn child please. You guys can have as much blow jobs and sex that you want, provided your doctor certifies her safe to have sex while preggers.

  • Lol, ur wife is jst scared, bt i promise u dat sperm can nt get 2 ur baby talkless of harming him/her….bt u cnt giv her a head, bcos air cn get inside by doin dat n it cn cause sum complication. Wish her safe delivery

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