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Dear MIMsters: See What My Daughter’s Boyfriend Did With Her Nude Photos

Dear MIMsters: See What My Daughter’s Boyfriend Did With Her Nude Photos

Do you send nude photos to your boyfriend or husband? Please read this heartbreaking story about my daughter and learn from it.

My 20-year old daughter was in a relationship with a young man on campus who is also a student. She ended the relationship with this guy as they were always having issues and started a new relationship with another guy who treated her better.

The problem is that when she was dating this first guy called Austin, she would send him her naked pictures. I don’t know why in the name of God she did that. I hear it is now a very common practise amongst young people.

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So, to punish my daughter, this wicked Austin opened a facebook account with her name using one of her naked pictures as the profile photo and sends it out to all her friends. I got to know about this after receiving an invitation.

Immediately I called my daughter, she broke down in tears and told me the whole story. I feel bad that she was involved in sexton as I hear they call it now. I feel worse that she has been humilited for being naive. I don’t how she will get over this. Let this serve as a warning to young girls out there. Why are ladies the only ones sending their naked picture? But those guys will never send you their picture. Be smart. Never trust a man who asks for your naked photo.



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  • What on earth was she thinking before doing such a nasty thing guess she was blind folded by love. With tyme she wil pull her self together and also serve as a big lesson to her. Warnings ladies out there

  • So sad and I hope she learn from this that doing stupid things a boy ask you to do is not love. I have never sent a half naked picture to my husband not to talk of full one. She will help with time

  • When will gurls learn? Sending a naked pix to a man not even ur husband? Men see such gurls as slut. Sorry it happend to ur daughter but still find out if she’s involve with married men n then pray for her too

  • pls caution ur daughter. deed has been done. she should learn from this lesson. and she should try not to repeat it both now and in the future. also, you should try and educate her further on sex education. if u had educated her earlier than now, she would have known that her body should be dignified and treasured instead of giving it out freely over d internet in the name of boyfriend or love. tell her to brace up.

  • It has happened ,pull her very close and comfort her because right now she is going through a lot. ..don’t worry she will get through it stronger and better than ever..I was went through something very terrible my dad turned his back it was my mums love that got me through and am a tougher better woman today…

  • Which one is wen will girls ever learn? Didn’t we do stupid tins for love during our time? Sending of naked pics and video didn’t just start! Its unfortunate she was involved with the wrong guy. I hope she learn her lesson and stop doing boyfriend @ her age.

  • She made a mistake but don’t let the guy get away with it.Please involve the police.I won’t even send my naked picture to my hubby not to talk of a boyfriend

  • I won’t even send my naked pics to my husband talk more of a mere boyfriend. Love can Go sour anytime. Poster sorry it happened to your daughter

  • Experience something like this when I was in school,though to a very close female friend of mine,it has always taunted her,atlest your daughter has someone to lay on to,she needs the love of her family,& she will overcome it

  • That serves her right, next time she won’t dare it. Tell me how guys will do that rubbish? Lesson for her and her likes.

  • rubbish,i can never do that. Did u know i met a man who loves me,gives me wateva i asked for and even wanted to marry me,but because he asked for nude which brought misunderstanding,i told him am no longer interested. Even if you are my husband,i wont send nude for u,the tin can b given to wenever u want but nude? laye

  • Wonder when girls would learn.u send stupid nude pic to a man.
    Maka y it not enough that u gave him to eat free of charge without paying a dime on u.

  • Girls always want to learn the hard way cos they believe it’s not going to happen to them.

  • Pls help her and encourage her to get over it cos she’s already so humiliated by d act. Some ladies are not just wise and are blinded by the so called ‘LOVE’, that’s why men make a fool of them. A stupid guy that I wasn’t even dating and his mum once asked me to send them my nude pix. The mum wants to access if my breast was big enough for her son. Can u beat that. Of course I politely decline and disassociated myself from them. We just have to be wise and allow the holy spirit to direct us.

    • Did you say his mum. Hell, no. I am shocked. Or maybe the guy lied that it was his mum or did you meet his mum and she said it in your face? They are so foolish heh.

  • Pls make sure you involve the police. Or else that guy will continue. Who knows if he has more of those picz. He must be arrested and made to sign an undertaken. If your daughter gets justice, I’m sure she would feel a little better. And this is the time you teach your daughter the power of modesty in relationships. Be her best friend. I’m sure she must has have asked a friend of hers who consented before she did it since she said it’s common in campus now. It’s trend of no big deal for them in campus. The deed is done. It’s time to move on. But he mustn’t go without being punished for it.

  • Get d boy arrested,he is a wicked fool,does nt desserve mercy at all,he’s lucky for ur naive daughter she will get over it,is a matter of time.

  • Mothers are to be blamed if a daughter fall into such trap. Many of this girls are gullible right from secondary schools. Mothers are suppose to start informing their daughters of the danger that nowadays boys can pose to them and call their attention to some in the society. Girls should wake up, they should not struggle to keep a man to the extent of posting them their nude pictures in this era of strong technology advancement. I will rather have my daughter not married than to marry her enemy. I pray that God Almighty will provide the right husband for our daughters at the right time and not those that will experiment with them and dump them. For those young men that takes delight in messing up young girls, remember that you mother is just a big girl and your daughters in future will definitely enjoy the fruits of your labour. Our dear daughters wake up!, do not make yourself a victim for any man. Your parents value you so much. You will meet the right husband that will value you at the right time.

    • Please the mother has no fault. Why are we so quick to blame parents for a child’s action. Besides sh is an adult, old enough to be in the university.
      When kids steal or lie in school is it the parents that teach them? If this young lady could cry out to her mother it shows that her mum speaks to her and advice’s her and when she felt her life was in some sort of mess she went to one place where she felt it could get better ‘Home’ to a mother that had taught her better, but because of the seduction of the world (campus) she derailed.
      Please let’s stop being unnecessarily judgemental, God knows many of us have done worse.

  • Legal action should be taken up against that boy.. what rubbish. This serves a huge lesson to your daughter.

  • Getting the boy arrested will not solve the problem, rather will escalate it. Die the matter, how are you sure he does not have a picture where he is making love to your daughter. Give your life to Christ, like wise your daughter. Caution her and show her love. Make her your best friend. 2 Corinthians 5: 17 (if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature, old things have passed away, behold, all things are new.) . Don’t encourage her to have any boy friend. She should embrace God and honourably marry at the right time. Good luck!

  • obviously this girl in question doesn’t HV a good self image. so she needed the praises of that good for nothing boy to make her feel good about her body. ladies send nude out of fun and in turn expect to be called sexy and told all sort of crap. truth is any guy that asks for nude is an opportunist and any lady that sends nudes has low self esteem.
    madam all I can tell u is to get close to ur daughter tell her u didn’t HV to send nude pix to ur husband before u married him. that contrary to popular opinions the right man will wait to see the real thing rather than craving for images that will assist him to masturbate. Tell her to get on with Life and get closer to God. most importantly tell her the next person that should see her nakedness should be her husband.
    pls madam get close to her. mothers of this generation have a lot of talking and counseling to do because a lot of things have gone wrong

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