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Dear MIMsters: Am I wrong to not want a ‘happy home’ like my parent-in-laws?

Dear MIMsters: Am I wrong to not want a ‘happy home’ like my parent-in-laws?


Am I wrong to not want a ‘happy home’ like my parent-in-laws?

“How do you think your mother in law and I have stayed married these past fifty years? She taught her eyes to look but not see; and her heart to trust even when everything around her was saying otherwise. Do you understand me?” My father in law said to me with heartfelt smiles on his lips.

My PIL are the best any girl could ask for. They are so caring to their DILs and SILs. The grand children are not left out too. It was always a joy to visit them.

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I have caught my husband for the umpteenth time cheating on me and I couldn’t keep it to myself anymore so I went to his parents to report him to them.

After explaining everything to both MIL and FIL, they laughed. MIL got up and asked me if I would like to have some food. I was mad! I don’t understand how she could trivialize this issue by asking me if I wanted food.

When she realized that I wouldn’t answer her, she pulled me up, gave me a tight hug and said to me, “Aina, I will leave you with daddy, talk to him.” And she walked away!

FIL continued, “In the early years of our marriage, when people see me with my girlfriends and come to tell my wife, she would ask them, “Did he ask you to come and tell me?” Eventually, they stopped telling her about my escapades and she never asked me about it.

You may wonder how I knew she knew about it. Some of those busybodies came back to accuse me of using charms to keep my wife ‘stupid’ so that I could maltreat her. I just ignored them because I love my wife so much and she knows it. Anyways, after a while, I became bold enough to bring these other women home.

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My wife would just walk past us and go into her own room. I would stay with these women alone in my room, and if any of them ever needed to eat, I would go with her to the kitchen to watch her cook something for herself. No woman is allowed to cook for me except my wife so when these women are done in the kitchen, I ensured they cleaned up after them, because my wife detests dirt. I never allowed any of these women to be rude to my wife and she never exchanged words with any of them, never!

The only day she got upset was when one of my women-friend did not remember to come with a change of clothing so I went to my wife’s room to ask for a wrapper. She was so upset she did not even allow me step into her room before telling me off. (He paused to laugh heartily and then continued.)  So Aina, if you want to enjoy Tega and if you desire to have a happy home like we do, you must learn to be like your mother in law.”

I was dumbfounded! My in-law do have a ‘happy home’.

They are both retired and in their late 70s. All of their children including the ‘off-kicks’ are married and living well. FIL is partially paralyzed. MIL is hypertensive and diabetic. The strange women don’t come around him anymore except for the three of them who bore him those ‘off-kicks’.

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I looked into the mirror and said to the beautiful lady staring back at me, “Aina, you cannot be like your MIL. You do not want their kind of ‘happy home’. Even though Tega is stupendously rich, if he continues to be a community penis, you must take a walk. You do not desire your PIL’s kind of a ‘happy home’. You deserve much more. Give yourself some accolades girl.”

Am I wrong to think that way?

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  • what nonsense happy home, so u sold endure till he gives u aids. Abeg forget this useless advice, if u look well it’s possible ur mother in law was also cheating so they were cool with themselves, except that’s the kind of life u want, no woman is truly happy when she sees her man with another woman

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