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Dear MIMsters: My Husband And His Brother are Hiding Important Details I Should Know From Me

Dear MIMsters: My Husband And His Brother are Hiding Important Details I Should Know From Me

I posted some weeks back about being on several drugs because as I have been trying to conceive. I have just realised that my husband and his brother are hiding certain details I should know away from me.

Hubby and I were told to run some tests but up till now, his own result is still hanging in the air. He has been avoiding this test since January this year. His brother who is a doctor directed us to his colleague who is a GYN to treat us. They both hid the result from the GYN.

This man who can drink away his destiny and keep late nights started losing erection about 3 months ago. I then asked him about his test result. He said it was Ok but did not present any document to prove it. Meanwhile, I have the result of my own test in his car.

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So, I went on to confirm from our doctor who said he hasn’t seen his result as well. The doctor promised me he would ask my husband’s brother about it. He did. They told him that they didn’t see the result. He told them to run the tests in another hospital on Sunday, the 22nd.

I suspect that both brothers are hiding something from me. This is is making me so angry that, I find it hard to forgive them. Meanwhile, hubby cheats with several girls all at the same time. I see no reason why I should still be in this marriage and keep wasting away. I no longer feel anything for him. What do you think I should do?

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  • Move on, you never can say what the future holds for you. I tell you, if you are the one with issues, he won’t be there talk more of when he knows you’re cheating. HIV and all manner of STD’S are so real.

  • just try n talk it true wit him, b persuasive about it so he will see how serious u r.dez no problem witout solution try encouraging him too dt no matter his result u will nt leave him instead prefer solutions best of luck

  • Report to both parents I mean ur parents n his own what’s going on let them know what u re passing thru cause a marriage built wt lies, deceit, cheats is as good as dead…

  • It’s obvious they are hiding a vital information from u.Sit him down and demand to see the results.If he comes up with stories,tell him u want both of u tovrun d tests again at a hospital chosen by u.lf he refuses,then my dear u know what to do if u want to have ur own kids

  • It is well. I think ur mind is made up but I’ll say don’t give up just yet. I think he has d test result but he’s just afraid to tell you. Let him know you will still love him and stay with him no matter d outcome of the test provided he’s ready to change

  • Move on. .why waste your time with a womaniser who is not willing to change…It would’ve been a different case if you wr the one with medical issues…No child yet and he’s cheating, plus he’s medical issues. .please don’t be deceived walk away the early the better.

  • Let your spiritual leaders know about this after you might have talk to him one one and there is no change. Let God guide you.

  • Just sit him down and ask him very well…to knw what d problem is…before then pray to God to tell u the right words to tell him…do have a nice day

  • Move on gal! I ain’t telling u 2 muv cos he is a womaniser, NO! Am of d opinion dat u shud mov cos u av nothin kippin u in his haus. D only reason y women struggl 2 hold on 2 an irresponsibl man is cos of dia childrn so… what r u waiting 4?

  • I suggest u have a serious talk with him, threaten to divorce him if he does not tell u what d problem is. Another thing is to pray seriously, its not a good thing to leave d marriage. See counsel from a man of God.

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