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Meet Alhaja Alakija, Nigerian Oldest Woman Living With Sickle Cell

Meet Alhaja Alakija, Nigerian Oldest Woman Living With Sickle Cell

A Nigerian woman has become an inspiration to many sickle cell patients. The woman identified as Alhaja Alakija has lived with sickle cell anemia for 94 years.

Photos of the woman were shared by a female Nigerian doctor on Twitter. The doctor identified simply as Chioma shared the woman’s photos to inspire people living with sickle cell anaemia.

According to Chioma, some Nigerians have the mindset that sickle cell warriors do not live past a certain age. She said some people believe sickle cell warriors do not live past age 22.

This comes after some have been spreading the belief that Sickle Cell condition is a death sentence.

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Dr. Chioma also revealed that sickle cell patients can live for a very longtime depending on how they look after their health.

“Is she a Sickler? Eiya. 16? . She has tried o. I heard they start dying from 14 sef, but they don’t pass age 22. This life is but a pot of beans ��”

Me: . Shut up and meet Alhaja Alakija, 94 years old, living with sickle cell. Pot of beans ��”

Why do warriors in this part of the world have low life expectancies? An average of 42. Cos they are ‘trained’ to focus on not dying, than on living and living right. Here are some screen shots of ‘s advice on how to live your best life as a Warrior.

1) W- Water Hydration is key, as dehydration leads to stasis of blood and can trigger a crisis.

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I- Infection Take prevention seriously.

S- Support. We cannot over emphasize the importance of Support systems. @warriorstoryng by , @scafng, @halimahealth are all support groups. Join one of them. Nothing beats being amongst people who understand what you are going through.

E- Early presentation/FollowUp Also have an Emergency card with your Biodata, the drugs that work for you, drugs you are allergic to. The name and No of your emergency contact and Doctor. Just in case you have a crisis in unfamiliar terrains.

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Last of the WISE-K Mnemonic. K- Knowledge. Knowledge is power. Know all there is to know about your condition. And especially, as a sickle cell warrior help end the Sickle Cycle by falling in love and marrying an AA Genotype.

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And Dear Public, let us not forget that prevention is better than CURE! AS should never Marry AS or SS, only AA. Before you open up your heart in love, tell that your partner to be, “I like you but,(Do you even know my Genotype?)”


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