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10 Minute Style Tips for the Busy Mum

10 Minute Style Tips for the Busy Mum

Dolapo Marinho

We all know that a mother’s work is never, ever done. From making sure everyone is fed and watered, to dealing with staff and workmen on a daily basis, we hardly even have time to look after ourselves! We are busy. Still, there is nothing more uplifting and enriching to the soul than looking and feeling great.

So, busy mum, here are a few quick style tips to make sure you’re always on your “A” Game, appearance wise, even though your mountain of duties is spinning out of control!

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1. Emergency Make – Up Survival Kit

The Holy Grail of emergency make-up – Mascara, Eyeliner, Concealer and Lipstick. Make sure these four items are always available in your bag. In fact have multiple sets so that they never have to leave your handbag. We have all seen those woman crawling up Third Mainland bridge, applying mascara in the owner’s corner. Join them, you will arrive at your destination looking well rested and poised, never mind that Junior spilled all his cornflakes on your camisole on the way to school, your jacket will hide that!

2. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Ladies, invest in an awesome wig. Some days the hair we were given just refuses to conform and to make matters worse, you have to be at a high level business meeting ten minutes ago! This is where a trusted, fabulous wig proves it’s worth. Position it on your head with aplomb and be transformed before your very own eyes.

3. Forward Thinking

Every mum knows the importance of thinking ahead. We are constantly thinking for everyone in the family. What will they eat after school? When is the lesson teacher coming? Will daddy’s food be ready when he returns? Has the home work been done? Any diesel in the gen? We think for everyone to the point that we even forget to think about our own selves! What we must do is get into the habit of planning for ourselves also, set a few hours aside at the weekend to get all your maintenance done. Brows, nails, facial, pedicure. Make that day the building block for the rest of your week and you won’t have to spend precious time trying to look presentable later.

4. Go-to Style

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When it comes to dressing up, Nigerian mum’s have that very well covered. But even the most put together yummy mummy has days when time is simply not on her side. Have a few go to outfits prepared, clothes that fit and feel great, require no ironing and you know will not let you down style or confidence wise. Trust me, even the most eagle eyed fashion policewoman will have no idea that you literally just threw it on!

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5. Breathe In, Breathe Out

At the end of the day, we all know that our sense of worth is not directly tied to the way we look. We all do such amazing work as mothers that we really just need to cut ourselves some slack. Yes, there will be days when we don’t look like the cover of vogue but on those days our children, husbands and friends will not love or care for us any less. So on those days when you might not be feeling your most fabulous, remember this and just relax, take a deep breath and return to your picture perfect best tomorrow!

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