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Mom-Of-2, Kee’Undra Hatley-Smith Unravels The Silence Surrounding The Topic: “Miscarriage” And It Is Emotional

Mom-Of-2, Kee’Undra Hatley-Smith Unravels The Silence Surrounding The Topic: “Miscarriage” And It Is Emotional

When Kee’Undra Hatley-Smith announced her pregnancy in mid-May, with the hashtag #SmithPartyof5, her over 80,000 followers buzzed with excitement. Several were hoping Hatley-Smith who have a little boy.

Miscarriages are the most common type of pregnancy loss, according to the American Pregnancy Association and most healthy women have between a 15 to 20 percent chances of miscarriage.

They are mostly common before 13 weeks, which may be why some women choose to wait until at least after the first trimester before announcing announce on social media.

Hatley-Smith, though, had always announced her pregnancies pretty early and documented her journeys throughout.

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About a month after the pregnancy announcement came a devastating update. At 8 weeks, the Dallas, Texas, realtor and Instagram influencer, Hatley-Smith had a miscarriage.

She cried. She grieved. But she also gained a new understanding of motherhood and wanted to use her platform to shed light on the silence surrounding the topic of miscarriage.

“I never saw this coming. I never expected this to happen to me. Today, I want to lift it up,” said Hatley-Smith, in a YouTube video on Sunday. “I just want to bring light to the situation and people who are struggling with it. It’s people who have healthy kids like me who struggle.

“People that have had a miscarriage, it’s something that you kind of hold inside. No one wants to talk about miscarriage.”

“My oldest one, I told her there was a baby inside of mommy and she knew that,” Hatley-Smith said in the video. “Every day, she would say, ‘Mommy, baby boy, baby boy.’ ”

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In the video, Hatley-Smith recounted her emergency visit to the doctor after noticing some spotting and uncomfortable cramping. She was told it was too early to tell anything but she knew something wasn’t right.

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She miscarried overnight a couple of days later. Hatley-Smith, fighting back tears, had gone ahead to describe the painful scene that took place in her restroom, the following morning; in her video while speaking about her ordeal.

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Her goal with the personal video was to help women struggling not to feel ashamed.

“I didn’t know how to feel. This is something new to me, new to my family,” she explained. “Before I had a miscarriage, I had no clue about this. I thought miscarriages came from something having to be wrong. …A woman who has 10 kids can have a miscarriage on her 11th child.

“It just happens.”

Hatley-Smith married her husband, Nick in 2015 and she is mom to 2-year-old Knixia and 1-year-old Knaomi. The couple were off to celebrate their third wedding anniversary a few days after posting a video tribute to their Angel Baby.

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