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Dear MIMsters: Who Is the Father of My Baby (Part Two)

Dear MIMsters: Who Is the Father of My Baby (Part Two)

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I told Dapo about it and he asked who was responsible for the pregnancy. I was shocked! I answered that he was the only one I have been sleeping with but he said he didn’t think so.

“Grace, we have been together for 5 years. We have always had protected sex so how can I be responsible for this pregnancy? Did Obinna use protection when you slept with each other?” Dapo said to me.

I ‘died’.

This happened in October, 2017.

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We were planning our wedding for April, 2018.

I found out that I was pregnant in November, 2017. But forgive me if I had thought that Dapo would not cast me out.

I reminded Dapo that we had unprotected sex the day after Bayo’s party but he wouldn’t hear of it.

Could you believe that he went ahead and told his parents that he wasn’t responsible for my condition? He told them about how I ‘slept’ with Obinna. His parents called my parents and the matter was tabled. When I was asked, I explained everything that happened to our parents. His mom supported me but his dad said he would only allow Dapo to take responsibility for the pregnancy if DNA proves him to be the true father.

Between November, 2017 and June, 2018; I spent the longest 9 months of my life. Obinna was also brought into the picture and he said he couldn’t be responsible for my pregnancy because he only had sex with me once. I felt so dirty!

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In all of this, it was only Dapo’s mom that supported me. Not even my own parents, especially not my own mother. The Dapo that I saw throughout my ordeal was a strange one; he wasn’t the Dapo I have spent 5 years with and definitely, he was not the Dapo I thought I would spend the rest of my life with.

In June, 2018; I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. There was no need for DNA; he was a splitting image of Dapo. Since DNA has been paid for, my father insisted it must be done, and it was.

The result showed that my son, Uchechukwu (that’s what I called him) is Dapo’s biological son.

God vindicated me!

Dapo has suddenly become sober and he is asking me that we should go ahead with our marriage plans. He loves his son so much, so does his father. They both cannot have enough of Uchechukwu. I have told him that I will never shield my son from him but that I do not think I can bring myself to marry him again.

Just that little challenge and he could not cover me up. What about all those promises he made to me that day? Even with his knowing that it wasn’t my fault, he blew it all open!

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His parents are begging me to reconsider. My parents are begging me, too. If I reconsider my stand, it would be because of Dapo’s mom, she is an angel. She stood solidly by me all through my ordeal but is she the one I would be marrying?

I am confused!

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  • You’re right.dont go ahead with the marriage. Dapo does not love you as he claimed.if he did, he would never humiliate you.Pray seriously about This, and lay God lead you.For now , don’t do anything with him.He may not be the right person for you.Better still, see that change in him first.Remember never get married with doubts

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