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Dear MIMsters: Why My Brother Needs To Do Time In Jail | Am I Wrong to Support This?

Dear MIMsters: Why My Brother Needs To Do Time In Jail | Am I Wrong to Support This?

My brother needs to spend some time in jail. Am I wrong to support this?

My brother wasted my money at school for 2 years and returned home to my mum when he could no long get money from me. After I found out that he wasn’t paying his fees nor attending classes but rather playing 9jabet with the money I was sending to him, I stopped sending him money.

Late last year, I learnt a trade. January this year, I taught my mum and brother the trade and invested money into it. I agreed with my mum and my brother that they will run it and we will share the profit equally each month.

A few days after we started running the business, my brother told me that he is backingĀ  out of our agreement. He said that he wants to run the same business I invested my money into by himself, that I should leave it for him. I refused.

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He fought me, called me names, and told me that I am ugly, that his girlfriend is more beautiful than me, insulted my husband and told me that my money is nonsense and he will make it in 6 months.

He left home, then returned after I had returned to my base (because we don’t reside in the same state) and started his own business using my facility and set up. I got angry and got a police order that nobody should produce on that property other than me because I own the property. I did this not because I’m wicked, but to humble him and deal with his sense of entitlement since he thinks he can produce on my property when I’m away.

So I resorted to producing only once a month and have my mother sell them and collect her commission. 3 weeks ago, a friend called me from another state, saying that she saw my brother at the police cell. Said he got involve with some bad boys who went to stole phones, he then took them to where they sold the phone though he didn’t go to rob with them.

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I told my sisters and brothers and we all agreed not to tell our mum because who is prone to running high blood pressure.

Today, that same friend of mine called me to say my mum has visited the station with some men about 3 times in the last week and asked why did I have to stress my old mother. My mum is now using the money she gets for feeding to travel to that state to see my brother and following up with his case.

My older brother and I have vowed not to give my mum feeding money anymore and l fell out with my sister for telling my mum. They should have followed the case without informing mum. I called my mum today to tell her I know she has been going to the police station and she thinks I don’t know she does.

I want my brother to spend time in cell or even go to prison for at least 3 years. He’s just 22 but he is so messed up and has squandered our money.

First he collected my mother’s ATM and finished the N500k I transferred to her account to drill a borehole. When I was pregnant, he took money the money I withdrew for transport. I was already stranded in another city when I discovered it. It was my sister who then sent me some money to rescue me. This same brother of mine went to my younger sister’s house and stole jewelries worth N160k.

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Am my wrong for wanting him to spend years in prison to see if this will change him?He’s the last born of our family.

I haven’t reached out to him directly since his arrest, but my friend has been helping to buy food and drugs for him. Today is his birthday and it breaks my heart the more that my mum is at the station. I just called and told her to go home.

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