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Story of How A Supportive Mom Stepped in to Ease the Demands of Motherhood On Her Daughter Is All Shades Of Beautiful

Story of How A Supportive Mom Stepped in to Ease the Demands of Motherhood On Her Daughter Is All Shades Of Beautiful

Motherhood is a gift! Much more, ‘mom-hood’ is sweet. Mothers are gold. Mothers are angels walking amongst humans; they are just too precious. Now, it gets sweeter if you have a supportive mom like Akomolafe Damilola Yahaya.

Damilola, a 1st time mom herself, took to her Instagram page @tianahz_ent to narrate how her mom, who recently lost her own mom (Damilola’s Grandma) came to her rescue as she struggled with one of the greatest challenges of motherhood- balancing ‘mom-hood’ with career.

Damilola‘s ‘mom-hood’ challenge started after her baby was vaccinated on Saturday and she became cranky afterwards; crying so much and the new-mom couldn’t help her.

According to her, she managed to calm her little girl down as best as she could but it was frustrating as she wasn’t soothed even on Sunday. The stress was overwhelming for Damilola whose own mom wasn’t around during this period.

To her surprise, her mom returned on Sunday night… the rest of the story gets sweeter.

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Damilola wrote:

”This picture is everything to me… baby took her vaccination on Saturday and she became so cranky and was crying so much, I managed to calm her but it was becoming frustrating when it continued in Sunday and my mum wasn’t around.

I was bathing her at night when my mum surprisingly showed up all the way from Ibadan!!!(I WASNT EXPECTING HER BECOS SHE JUST LOST HER MUM). And she took over immediately even though she was really tired from the stress of traveling and past few weeks she has been away.

Monday again Atara was still cranky, I also had to go to work for some paper work….I was worried because my mum needed all the rest she could get…I asked her mummy should I go? Will you cope with Atara crying because you need to rest, she said don’t worry she will be fine, I’ll calm her down you can go to work.

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Long and short of the story I came back home and had to go to the market for some kitchen needs and,got back and met them like this… they slept like this for more than 3hrs and my mum didn’t move at all!!!My mum is my hero, a life saver and the best mother in world.

I MUST PAMPER YOU O MUMMY, don’t know how God will do it but I must give you all the comfort you deserve ijn. I love you and I thank you for your love, care and for always being my back bone.❤❤❤❤❤❤
#mymum #grandma #loveofmylife #WCE.”

This is such a beautiful story!

Why don’t you share your own “beautiful encounter with my mom” story with us?

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