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Dear MIMsters: This Time Around, My Father-In-Law Has Outdone Himself And I Will Deal With Him (Part One)

Dear MIMsters: This Time Around, My Father-In-Law Has Outdone Himself And I Will Deal With Him (Part One)

I am married into a closely-knitted family who thinks their calling is to be there for one another and that makes me madder than anyone can fathom. I mean, why can’t people just stay on their own lanes? Always interfering in my family affair! My FIL has outdone himself this time around and I am ready to deal with him.

My husband is the 2nd of 3 boys. His parents have been married for over 4 decades and should be grandparents now but their married sons are yet to impregnate their wives… Of the 3 women their sons are married to, I am the only one who has giving birth to a cute little boy. And they still do not understand that I hold the reins here.

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My husband is a banker and stupidly too friendly with people. I just can’t deal with his openness. That funny enough, is a trait common in his family. They think they are nice but I think they are stupid. They do not know where to draw the lines- relating with everyone like classless people. I was shocked the day I saw my MIL serving food to the family washer man. Don’t get me wrong, I am not stingy but a saner person will expect that since the man is duly paid, he should do his job and move. Why do more than necessary? I just think that their eye-service is ridiculous.

OK, back to my issue with FIL.

A neighbour hinted me about this widowed mother of 4 children down my street whom my husband has been giving money to, under the pretense of ‘help.’ So, I decided to monitor my husband’s movement around this widow and God so good, I caught him red-handed!

This particular Saturday morning, he said he was going to visit his parents and I opted out. I was not about to deal with those old folks eye-service that morning. Always trying to poke their noses into my affairs… So I asked him to give me some money which I needed for one of my friend’s asoebi. Her mother was going to be 60 and girls got to parry. He told me he didn’t have money to give me that morning though he made commitments to give at the end of the month.

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It wasn’t quite 10 minutes that he left the house when that my neighbour alerted me that my husband had gone into that widow’s house. I quickly instructed my house girl to watch Desmond- my 2 months old baby and ran to see for myself. I caught him red-handed. I saw him hand over some money to the woman, and like Father Christmas, he gave money to each of the woman’s children. I overheard him telling the woman that he would see what he could do about her children’s school fees, and the stupid woman knelt down to say thank you. I moved into action swiftly. I dealt the stupid husband-snatcher of a woman a good slap, snatched the money from her hand and screamed at her children to return the money my husband gave to all of them to me. Can you believe it? In a season like this, my husband gave 10k to the woman and 2k each to her 4 children totaling 18k. Meanwhile, all I needed for the asoebi I asked for was just 25k. If he could give 18k for ‘charity’, I am certain he has more in his pocket. So why did he deny me of my right to go and face what was none of his business!

to be continued...
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  • Haba madam you are so cruel! What’s wrong with you and money? So being nice to you is eye service. Put yourself in the positions of the people that need help.
    Go to that widow that you slapped and ask her for forgiveness. Get close to her so that you will be sure your husband is not having an affair with her and PLS help her. At the same time apologize to your husband.
    You need to learn how to love and help people in need.

  • Pls I don’t like judging people but whoever sent in this story has a lot of growing up to do, she is outrightly rude, has a bad attitude and looks down on people. She should pls pray seriously that she does not become a widow one day. Her attitude stinks!

  • I would have waka pass but something in me will not just allow me, I think you are misinterpreting your in-laws, they are sanguin (extrovert) they can’t help been nice and generous toward other people and one thing you should know is that people like that don’t usually know when to draw the line. Accept them the way they are, try to love them because it is when you love them that you will be blind to their excesses.
    Madam I think you over reacted about your husband helping a widow, try to imaging your self in that woman’s shoe….
    You should have confronted your husband when he returned home to make your displeasure known to him and offer to be the one your husband should be sending to help the woman instead, the woman will forever be indebted to you if you do that
    Please my sister go and apologize to your husband and the widow in order for the devil not to have his way i n your home. God bless you ma’am.

  • Sorry Ma , but I think you’re wrong here. You shouldn’t have slapped that widow , though I agree your husband should have come out clean with you. Your mum in law serving someone you think is beneath you isn’t wrong. The bible tells us we should not esteem ourselves better than others.Humility is being Christlike. Please return the money and ask for forgiveness. To feed a widow is more honourable than buying asoebi.much love dear

  • This is too much Madam…. A widow for that matter how much is 25k aso-ebi you cant wait till end of the month! Anyway count yourself lucky that your husband even has money to give people and buy you aso-ebi o! You shouldn’t have gone after your husband anyway…. and for the inlay who are seem to be over nice omo come make we change o.

  • I dont want to believe this!.The story look ridiculous.There is nothing bad,woman, is all the in your inlaw character.You shuld be the one to check yourself thoroughly b4 u miss it.The tone of your leta depict you as someone that is proud,rude and cruel..what is wrong in showing empathy to a woman like u,that found hersself in a sad and helpless situation.U suppose to be the one that your husband will be sending to that widow.pls,i think you beta rethink and amend your ways.whateva one sow…

  • people like dis poster shouldn’t be living among the people, with dis ur beheivour it shows dat u dot hv a good heart. just God should tk u away frm that family b4 u use ur bad attitude to destroy it

  • Hmmmm…Madam do unto others what you want them to do unto you….you have seen that they were not having an affair….you know the woman is a widow….and your husband was just being charitable,nothing else attached.
    Hmm…..youalso have a problem with you iin-laws jolly good fellow attitude.
    I will advice you to be careful and not destroy your home with your own hands.

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