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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11’s Reactions To Meghan Markle’s Family Drama Is Revealed

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11’s Reactions To Meghan Markle’s Family Drama Is Revealed

Queen Elizabeth 11 of England has reacted to the family drama of her grandson, Prince Harry‘s new wife, Meghan Markle‘s family.

Meghan Markle has been embarrassed numerous times by her family members ever since her relationship with Prince Harry was made public, and the Queen’s reaction to all of these has now been revealed by an insider.

On numerous occasions, Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle and her half-siblings- Samantha Grant and Thomas Markle Jr. have been granting interviews to tarnish the image of Meghan and the royal family. But according to an insider, 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth has been supportive of daughter in-law, 37, and has sympathy for her.

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A source close to Meghan told US Weekly on Wednesday:

”Meghan is absolutely broken by the drama with her father. There’s no way she can have a relationship with him or even reach out to him to stop him from speaking. She knows he’ll record the conversation and sell it. She has high anxiety wondering if this will go on forever.”

A Buckingham Palace insider said:

”What may surprise some is just how supportive Her Majesty has been during the problems Meghan has faced with her family. Meghan is in a tough place, and the queen knows it’s completely out of Meghan’s hands. She has only sympathy for what’s been a difficult and distressing situation for her.”

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The palace insider added that the monarch has great admiration for Meghan Markle.

”While Meghan and the queen come from two very different backgrounds and generations, there’s a warmth between the two that’s genuine and loving,” said the source.

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Another source added that Markle’s husband was determined to make sure Queen Elizabeth and Markle had a close bond, so he requested a sit-down with his grandmother when he knew his romance with Markle was getting serious.

”He wanted to make sure every family member knew that the queen supported the relationship and how important it would be for Meghan, who’s from a very different background, to feel welcomed and supported,” said the source.

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The source further disclosed that The Queen immediately became fond of Meghan after their first meeting.

”The queen became fond of Meghan at their first meeting. Not just because she’s the charming woman who brought happiness into her grandson’s life, but also because she quickly demonstrated that she’s intelligent, polite and keen to learn.”

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