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Lecturer Escaped Being Lynched By Students For Brutalizing Female Students

Lecturer Escaped Being Lynched By Students For Brutalizing Female Students

A lecturer at the Department of Science Laboratory and Technology, Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State, escaped being lynched by angry student.

The lecturer, who taught Evening Classes, was said to have accompanied a fellow Genetic Lecturer to assist in Genetics practicals when the incident happened.

He allegedly gave an instruction that students that weren’t seated should wait outside during the practicals and then, he slammed the door against a pregnant woman identified as Mrs Dele Miracle.

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The incident which happened around 4pm, on September 29, 2018; also affected another female student who suffered the same fate in the hands of the said lecturer.

As recounted by Miss Blessing who was an eye-witness, entering angrily into the class, the lecturer was alleged to have forcefully closed the door against a pregnant female student and then, he backed the door against another female student, and inflicted injuries on her face, too, leaving her bleeding. This was what called for the reaction of the students who were unhappy with the angry lecturer.

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Miss Blessing said:

“He gave an order for the students that were not seated, to wait outside while the practical was on. He then slammed the door against one Mrs. Dele Miracle, a pregnant woman. He repeated the same action against another female student, who was injured and left bleeding. His action elicited violent reaction from the students. The lecturer was mobbed and punched by the angry students until he fled the scene.”

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