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Nigerian Man, Olajide Temitope Airs His View On Women & Transactional Sex While Raising These Valid Questions

Nigerian Man, Olajide Temitope Airs His View On Women & Transactional Sex While Raising These Valid Questions

In recent times, a lot is being said in the social space about women and transactional sex, with the later made to bear the full brunt.

However, a Nigerian man, Olajide Temitope, who feels concerned about the issue has raised some intriguing questions while airing his views on the matter.

Olajide is asking why the women engaged in transactional sex are facing social media brunt alone while their male counterparts are left unaccountable saying after all, if there are no demands, there would be no need to supply.

See his post below:

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“It is surprising that Nigerians now frown against women engaging in transactional sex, and making them feeling like the only gender involved, when we live in a society that gives little or no chance for women to excel without requiring them to pay a price (mostly sex) for it. The men have more privileges, physical power and ability to make it in this world than women and instead of using it to help the ladies, men have resorted to using the privileges they enjoy to oppress them. Why are we slut-shaming the women without talking about the men who patronise them (“customers”)… What will you call a man that refuses to offer a job opportunity to a lady until he has slept with her? What will you call a male artist that deand for sex before a collaboration or a man that demands sex before endorsing a contract document that concerns a lady… What about the Oga at the Top that wants sex before promoting the females in His Organization… If we want it to stop the men has more works do by helpingĀ  and supporting the careers of ladies without demanding for sexual pleasure return. I dare all men in positions of authority try this approach and see if there will be no changes! As a matter of fact, married men have to a large extent encouraged the current trend amongst our ladies. What do you think will happen to a supplier if there are no more demands for his/her goods and services?..

I’m not trying to justify transactional sex, however I wish men can adopt a better approach in dealing with women in all spheres of life…”

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